Ecole Students Score Highly on 2013 AP Exams

Dienstag, 12. November 2013

by Ashley Curtis, Director, American Program

The Ecole’s Advanced Placement (AP) results for 2013 continue our school’s impressive tradition of high marks on external exams. 63 AP exams were taken by our students last May. Under the AP scoring system, the highest possible score is a 5. As in most previous years, our students received more 5s than any other score. 29% of our total scores were 5s, and 56% were either 4s or 5s. Since the AP program began at the Ecole in 2009, exactly one third of our scores have been 5s. Our students use their AP results to help them gain admission both to US colleges like Brown, NYU, Pitzer, and Smith, and increasingly to universities in Europe as well. Last year’s American Program senior class had students admitted to Oxford University, Durham University, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and the University of Glasgow in the UK, and to the University of Basel in Switzerland – all thanks in large part to their outstanding AP results.

Our high scores on AP exams and our impressive university entrance record underscore one of our core beliefs, a belief which most educational systems regard with incredulity and simply ignore: that grades are not necessary for student success. We believe the opposite, in fact: that small classes, personal contact, direct and differentiated feedback, and students’ ownership of their own education are far superior to grades and report cards as motivating factors and contributors to student success. Our experience is that when students take over the responsibility for their own learning, they work more seriously and with a much clearer, more genuine idea of what they are doing and why.