Finding a balance...

“Finding a balance”. This is the title that Nico (a student at the Ecole since 2013) and Sarah (a teacher at the Ecole since 1977) gave to the point that they brought to “Schulgemeinde” (our weekly school assembly), to discuss with and question students about their way of dressing. This issue, which goes beyond the boundaries of our campus, highlighted the daily complexity of living together, but also the chance to live in a community enriched by its diversity.
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Kunterbunt: A Musical from the village school, with the musical participation of an Ecole student

The strong relationship between the Ecole and the Dorfschule in Hasliberg has resulted in an unprecedented artistic collaboration. We are very proud of our student, Serene, who will play the piano accompaniment for the Dorfschule performance of the musical "Kunterbunt." We invite you to see the performance on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th, at 8pm in the Hasliberg Congresssaal.

Come to our concert! On Sunday, 21st May at 5 pm in the St. Michaelskirche, Meiringen

After a few years' hiatus, we will finally give another concert in the Michaelskirche Meiringen, led by our longtime Mitarbeiter, Ernst Thöni.
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The Ecole d’Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité is a progressive, international boarding school situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps. 130 Students and 45 teachers from some 23 different countries live together in a dynamic community that fosters the discovery and development of individual talents – academic, artistic, practical, athletic, and social – in an atmosphere that encourages self-determination, innovation, and tolerance. Whether modeling projectile motion in a calculus based physics class or performing in the annual Shakespeare play, summiting a 4000 meter peak or hammering red hot iron on a giant anvil, Ecole students actively pursue their passions in a setting that is both challenging and liberating.

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