Theater- und Dance-Project | Soon on tour !

Following the remarkable performance of our dance and theatre play ‘L’invitation au voyage – The Invitation to Journey’, the cast is continuing to rehearse... before going on tour!

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The Ecole at the Munich Education Fair

The Ecole was a guest at the "Münchner Bildungstagen" last week-end!

Democracy In Action!

When you attend school in a village in the Swiss Alps, it can be hard to stay connected with what’s happening in the rest of the world. So on Monday, January 30, students were given an opportunity to discuss the pressing global issue of democracy in an event called ‘Democracy In Action!’

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The Ecole d’Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité is a progressive, international boarding school situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps. 130 Students and 45 teachers from some 23 different countries live together in a dynamic community that fosters the discovery and development of individual talents – academic, artistic, practical, athletic, and social – in an atmosphere that encourages self-determination, innovation, and tolerance. Whether modeling projectile motion in a calculus based physics class or performing in the annual Shakespeare play, summiting a 4000 meter peak or hammering red hot iron on a giant anvil, Ecole students actively pursue their passions in a setting that is both challenging and liberating.

Upcoming Events


04. March

Performance "L'invitation au voyage" in the Ecole

06. March - 10. March

Matura exams, 2nd part (oral)

MAR 10
10. March

Performance "L'invitation au voyage" in Lucerne

MAR 10
10. March - 11. March

SGIS Annual Conference, Zürich

MAR 14
14. March

Performance "L'invitation au voyage" in Basel

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