Season's Greetings

"Préparer l'avenir ce n'est que fonder le présent. Il n'est jamais que du présent à mettre en ordre. À quoi bon discuter cet héritage. L'avenir, tu n'as point à le prévoir mais à le permettre." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Filled with many positive experiences from this year at the Ecole d'Humanité, we wish you a merry holiday season and a Happy New Year!

The whole team of the Ecole d'Humanité

United Nations in Action

After spending the fall term studying International Relations, Radhika Garland's students traveled to Geneva to see the United Nations in action.

Personal Hiking Reports of the 4-Day Hike

We are happy to publish two personal impressions from different hike groups: Tasha Wright and Tünde Cassai share their texts about the 4-day-hike from this autumn. Have fun reading!

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The Ecole d’Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité is a progressive, international boarding school situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps. 120 Students and 40 teachers from over 20 different countries live together in a dynamic community that fosters the discovery and development of individual talents – academic, artistic, practical, athletic, and social – in an atmosphere that encourages self-determination, innovation, and tolerance. Whether modeling projectile motion in a calculus based physics class or performing in the annual Shakespeare play, summiting a 4000 meter peak or hammering red hot iron on a giant anvil, Ecole students actively pursue their passions in a setting that is both challenging and liberating.

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FEB 11
11. February - 14. February

Matura exams, 2nd part (oral)

FEB 17
17. February - 19. February

Matura exams, 1st part (written)

MAR 14
14. March

SAT Test

MAR 19
19. March

SGIS Annual Conference in Geneva

MAR 21
21. March

Theater: Alice in Wonderland, 7:30 pm Gr. Saal

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