Katja Maike Braun, School Director, Management

Katja was born and raised in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She studied Geography and German letters at the University of Tübingen, where she received her Teaching Certificate For Higher Education, followed by two teaching periods at two Higher Education Colleges (Gymnasium) in Tübingen.
In 2012, after ten years of teaching experience – and numerous further education courses, one of which was for becoming a drama teacher – Katja joined the School Administration of the French School, a newly founded community school in Tübingen.
Inspired by both her studies in School Management and a multilateral ERASMUS project, she decided to join the Ecole as of the summer 2017, together with her son Sven. What Katja particularly appreciates about working at the Ecole are the exciting and challenging aspects of living and working in an international, multicultural and committed community.
In her free time Katja likes reading, travelling, baking and walking, and she enjoys the breathtaking panorama of the Hasliberg.

Bruno Geiger, Director of Finance, Services and Residential Life, Management

Bruno grew up in Winterthur, completed commercial training in the insurance industry, worked for two years in Lausanne and subsequently successfully completed the HWV / FH (ZHaW Winterthur, Management and Law) as a business economist. Bruno continued to work in the international insurance industry, in management consulting, real estate / facility management, health care and education in various staff, project and management functions. Bruno was self-employed ( from 2011 until joining the Ecole in 2019, and he initiated and led various projects in vocational education and training in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, Bruno worked in the field of school care in Ruswil, in the fire departments of Warth and Lucerne, and in the BCH (Vocational Training in Switzerland) and child protection.
Bruno is married to Doreen. In his free time Bruno enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing, traveling, and good food - also in the company of friends - now on the Hasliberg.

Dr. Elisabeth Wäschenfelder, Dean of Academics of the Swiss Program

Elisabeth grew up in Germany, and studied Biology in Darmstadt and Berlin. After working for a year as an editor in a film production company in Dresden, she earned a PhD at the Free University of Berlin and did research at the German Primate Center in Göttingen. During her time as scientific researcher, Elisabeth also taught students at the University of Göttingen and earned certification in University Educational Theory. She has worked at the Ecole d'Humanité since 2010, teaching Biology in the Matura program. In 2011 she became Dean of Academics for the Swiss school program.
Elisabeth lives at the Ecole with her husband and her daughter, who was born in 2011. In her free time she loves being with her family, reading, going on walks with her dog, and playing the violin.

Roman Jaschok, Assistant Dean of Academics of the Swiss Program

Roman attended the Rudolf Steiner School Birseck near Basel, where he developed a lasting enthusiasm for nature, foreign cultures and traveling. He studied biology and geography at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg i. Br. and completed the seminar for didactics and teacher training in Weingarten. From 2001-2007 he taught at public high schools in Baden-Württemberg. In 2007 he worked temporarily as an advisor at in the Bavarian Forest and soon found his way to the Ecole. Currently he offers biology and geography courses, prepares students for their Matura examinations, and shares his interests with students in the afternoon program (indoor hockey, meditation, birdwatching), In 2017 he took over as the Assistant Dean of Academics in the Swiss system. He lives at the Ecole with his wife and two sons.
In his spare time Roman volunteers for the Swiss Birdwatching Organization, and enjoys cycling or hiking through the impressive Hasliberg landscape.

Emily Strahler, Dean of Academics of the US Program

Emily grew up in United States where she earned a B.A. from Wellesley College in 2007 and a Masters in Education Leadership from Teacher's College at Columbia University in 2015. Before moving to Switzerland, Emily worked in teaching, admissions, and boarding life at an international school in Maine. At the Ecole she has taught English, EFL, and Social Studies and was promoted to Dean of Academics in 2019 after serving as Assistant Dean for three years.
Emily lives at the Ecole with her husband and two sons and enjoys the outdoors, dancing, and writing.

Brian Stark, Assistant Dean of Academics of the US Program

Brian brings a diverse background in outdoor and environmental education to the Ecole from both the US and abroad. After working as co-director at an outdoor summer camp in Indiana, he began teaching English in Arizona. His undergraduate degree is in Communication from Hanover College, his teaching license is from Prescott College, and his Master’s in Educational Leadership is from Northern Arizona University. Interested in environmental education, Brian worked as both a state park ranger interpreting the natural world, and as program manager where he wrote and conducted award-winning classroom presentations on water and energy conservation, electrical safety and recycling. Before arriving at the Ecole, Brian served as head of the English department at an American international school in Kuwait.
Brian has a passion for long-distance trail running and hiking and published a book about his solo coast to coast run across America on trails. He also enjoys baking and playing the banjo. Brian is happy to be at the Ecole with his wife and two daughters.

Christian Löffler, Dean of Residential Life

Christian grew up in Karlsruhe, Germany in a small community of five houses, five families and three generations. As a teenager he began to develop what would become lifelong interests - working as a volunteer in youth groups and in the local sports club. After studying sports, geography and math at the University of Tübingen, Christian discovered the Ecole and was drawn to it. He appreciates the opportunity the Ecole offers to fully engage all aspects of his personality - not just the isolated role of a teacher, or family head or basketball coach, but all those positions and responsibilities together.
After four years as a teacher, he switched to Deputy Head of Residential Life in the school year 2019/20 and now looks out for everyone to have a home at the Ecole.
In his free time, Christian loves to be physically active. It does not matter if it is mountain sports or ball sports, he lives by the motto "Jeder Schritt macht fit!" ("Every step leads to fitness!")

Karuna Richard-Vinhateiro, Assistant Dean of Residential Life

Karuna has been working at the Ecole since 2014 and she teaches contemporary dance, dance theater, dance history and English/German as a second language. Karuna was a student at the Ecole and this is where she first discovered her love for dance. She studied Performing Arts at Middlesex University in London and at the Zürich Tanz-Theater Schule. She continued her journey westward to New York City and then Hawaii, where she had the opportunity to work professionally with different dance companies. She believes strongly that the Arts are an integral part of education. Finally, she has come full circle to share one of her passions in the place it all began. Karuna highly values the multi-level learning process that goes on in the Ecole's international community. In 2019 she became Assistant Dean of Students.