How we learn

"When creative risk is possible, education becomes an adventure."

Academic life at our school is not a spectator sport! Choice and passion, negotiation and what-ifs: at the Ecole, students actively shape their own learning. Even before classes start, Ecole students determine when and how they will study what, constructing an academic program that they themselves will own, not just participate in.

Once classes start, students work together in small groups, develop original problem solving skills, and dare to ask difficult questions. They receive individualized, carefully differentiated feedback instead of grades, and actively and regularly reflect on and evaluate their own work. Our graduates become diverse learners and leaders who possess the intellectual, social, and ethical habits to positively impact their communities.

"The quality and quantity of social interaction in the Ecole community, along with wonderful physics and math classes with five or six students, made a lasting impression on me, and contributed in a major way to my decision to become a doctor."

--Christopher Richard, former student, Clinical Fellow, Royal Sussex Country Hospital, Brighton, UK