Become Who You Are!

For over a century these words have expressed the essential challenge that our school invites its students to take on. And because each student is different, this challenge assumes a new form for every one of them.

A belief in the utter uniqueness of each student forms the core of the Ecole’s philosophy of education. We trust in and respect our students in all their diversity, and we listen to and value their voices. We foster a culture of individuation and negotiation, a dynamic middle way between conformity and rebellion. Ecole students co-construct their school experience, reflect on their successes and struggles, and find their own particular niches in a cohesive and lively community. Here they are able to grow and express their uniqueness, knowing all the while that they are a necessary and valued part of the whole. In such an environment they develop confidence in their strengths and aptitudes, a realistic appraisal of their weaknesses and stumbling blocks, and an intrinsic sense of responsibility and compassion. When creative risk is encouraged, education becomes an adventure.


"A taste of culture" was the theme of this year's summer fest.

We explored cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, wide-ranging talents, and academic highlights - all elements that are part of daily life at the Ecole d'Humanité. During the festival we celebrated, honored, and closed another fruitful school year.

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Photos from the Summer Fest, Les Misérables, Warum, Shakespeare

We just celebrated the Ecole U.S. Program's Class of 2017!

The twelve graduates represented nine different countries and were surrounded by friends and family who traveled from around the world. We heard moving speeches of the individual journeys that brought these friends and classmates together on this momentous occasion. Congratulations Class of 2017! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon!

Urban Gardening: Former students deliver fresh organic vegetable gardens in wooden boxes

Our alumni Füsy (Jonas), Sascha and Ramy (Vikram) have developed a contemporary gardening project. If you have no space, no time, or no experience with gardening, you can still grow your own vegetables, thanks to their business “Gmüesgärtli". Your garden will be delivered in boxes and planted by the "gmüesgärtlern". This is an ideal project also for the many Ecolianers who will go on to live in urban areas.

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