Afternoon Courses

Students can choose from a wide range of arts, handicrafts, and sports courses in the afternoon. We offer over 50 different afternoon courses every trimester. The students choose their courses themselves and so create their own afternoon schedule--no two schedules are the same.

In the afternoon courses students often discover hidden talents, and can also concentrate on areas relevant to their intended careers. In these classes students also learn competencies that transcend the given subject: creativity, precision, endurance, and tolerance for frustration.

Afternoon Schedule (Monday through Thursday)

14.30 - 15.30First Class
15.30 - 15.50Snack Break
15.50 - 16.50Second Class
16.50 - 17.10Break
17.10 - 18.10Third Class
19.15 - 20.15Learning Center and Library open
20.15 - 21.15Quiet Hour, Library open

Performing Arts, Handicrafts, and Sports

Performing Arts

Theater, music, and dance performances have a long and lively tradition at the Ecole. Theater productions—Shakespeare, contemporary, and traditional, in English, German, and French—abound, some directed by students themselves. They represent high points in the school year. We also offer Impro Theater in both school languages.


Dance Performance at the Badesee

Our students can choose from a rich array of dance courses: Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Irish and Scottish Dance, Dance Improvisation, and International Folk Dance. Dance productions are often choreographed and produced by students themselves. Every two weeks an open Folk Dance evening takes place at which students and teachers of all ages dance together.


We offer professional music instruction on all the most popular instruments. Students who play less common instruments can have lessons outside of the Ecole.

The school choir rehearses once a week and puts on one or two performances per year. A number of bands and singing ensembles practice and perform, some independently, and some with adult supervision.


We learn by doing! This fundamental insight of neurobiology is done justice in the various workshops at our school: blacksmithing, carpentry, pottery, photography, painting, printing, glass-bead making, silver jewelry, weaving, knitting, sewing--all of these handicrafts can be tried out or mastered at our school.

Sports (general)

In sporting activities students can test their limits and experience themselves and their bodies in ever new ways.

We have a basketball court in the middle of our campus, and a soccer field, a volleyball court, and a gymnasium just a short walk away. In addition to these sports, we offer badminton, swimming, tennis, table tennis, trampoline, gym hockey, ultimate frisbee, Wen-do (self-defense for girls), and yoga.

We have soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams which compete in interscholastic tournaments. Spontaneous games during breaks and on the weekends are an integral part of our school.

Winter Sports

Due to our location, winter sports naturally play an important role in our school life. In winter we can ski or snowboard from the ski area directly down to the school. Almost all of our students attend weekly ski and snowboard classes with certified Swiss snowsport instructors. Following the rules in our safety concept, students are also allowed to ski, snowboard, or go sledding independently in certain parts of the ski resort. And in the winter trimester the entire school spends the finest morning of the week not in the classroom but on the slopes.

Graphic Design Studio

In the Graphic Design Studio students learn to design on a professional level. Four workplaces are equipped with the newest programs of the Adobe Creative Suite. Beginners and advanced students work here on various projects.

In the Studio, students can take courses on digital image processing, illustration, or layout. Students create their own films or construct models in 3-D. Both small and large projects are run by students independently: for example, a group of students, with great investment and engagement, produces the school yearbook almost entirely on its own.

Education toward Sustainability

Respectful treatment of the environment, ecological knowledge, and sustainable practices are emphasized in an Ecole education. In gardening, animal husbandry, and cooking courses students experience the interconnectedness of the natural world and become aware of the consequences of their own lifestyles.

In the goat project, for example, students learn how to raise and keep animals. They milk, clear manure, feed, and walk the goats, bring them to the alp in summer and pick them up again after the vacation. More than 35 students are sometimes involved in the project.

In the garden students learn the seasonal sequences of the individual plants; they sow, cultivate, and harvest. Other students process the fruits, berries, and vegetables in our cooking courses.