Student Work

Parents' Day Exhibition

An array of art work and metal work which was displayed during Parents' day 2015

Wood workshop

With the help of Micha, students get the chance to build there own ukulele or guitar


Work from an Architecture class with Marcus. Work from Shiva, Charity, Luca, Quentin


Work from left to right. Sophie, Sam and Noah.

Art Masks

Masks designed and created by Quentin Leuzinger.

Artwork in Winter Term

Left to right: Artwork from Lara von Allmen, Nina Saghi, Benedikt de Feydeau, Chia Yeh, David Zbinden, Shiva Altug (2), Liam Collins (3), Florian Stetten, Benno Minder, Jody Lam, Tanja Gomez, George Williams

Wild Painting

Intensive Week Artwork from Nico Jacobs, Luca Wagener, Murod Saymudinov, Fabian Bienz, Jody Lam, Amanda Ferrer and Mats Reed

Arts and Crafts

Left to right: Emma Rentz, Jens Maynard-Dean, Liam Collins (2), Sophie Heck, Nora Schaub, Tabea Abel / Kylie Hill, Arik Himmel, Su-Yen Hennings, Emma Rentz, Etienne Delacroix, Helena Gates, Cosmo Mulligan-Smith