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November 2021

Wednesday, 24. November 2021A Glimpse into Creative Writing

Miles Greene, a Grade 9 student at the Ecole, has had a pen in his hand for as long as he can remember, so it’s no surprise that he joined Melissa’s Creative Writing Intensive Week project this fall.

Miles describes himself as a ‘pondering type’ who asks big questions and uses writing as a method for investigating answers. He’s also a cynic, inspired by the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky, so he often finds himself drawn to dark, heavy themes. Over the course of the week, Miles produced a short story exploring addiction, mental illness, and suicide.

Friday, 19. November 2021A fieldtrip to the Grimsel Dam

Johannes and his physics class took a trip to the Grimsel to see the principles of physics in action!

Johannes Ernst teaches physics in our Swiss System and is a passionate educator and dedicated practitioner of progressive education. In his class The Physics of Dams, Johannes and his students are using the theme of dams as a starting point from which to explore basic principles of physics. Working with models, perspective drawings and lots of engaging classroom discussions, Johannes and his class are learning about some important fundamental ideas such as force, pressure, acceleration, curves and kinetic energy.

September 2021

Friday, 17. September 2021The Pysics of Dams

This term Johannes Ernst and his students in the Swiss System are taking a deep dive into the study of dams! Using the principles of experiential learning and progressive education, Johannes is leading his class to discover and experience some key concepts of physics.

Thursday, 16. September 2021Building a culture of thinking in the classroom

For many students, math can be intimidating. Students often get stuck behind a rampart of seemingly indecipherable symbols and find themselves shut down, convinced that they can not do math.

Warren Schnack, a Math Teacher in the US System, is working to break down these walls and help students think through math, thereby discovering “aha” moments that profoundly change the way students perceive their abilities to do mathematics.

August 2021

Friday, 20. August 2021We proudly present ECOLE.sounds!

As the sweet sounds of summer are fading, we are turning our attention once again to the school day rhythm. The 2021-2022 academic year is certainly shaping up to be a harmonious one!

The Ecole d’Humanité is pleased to announce ECOLE.sounds! This exciting new project uses principles of progressive and thematic education to explore the topics of sound and music. ECOLE.sounds is a multidisciplinary, year-long venture dedicated to exploring music and sound from a multitude of vantage points and myriad academic fields.

June 2021

Thursday, 24. June 2021The Physics of Sound

The Ecole is delighted to welcome a new teacher to our team! Alessandro Viale joins the Ecole to teach Physics and Mathematics in the Swiss system. Alessandro is originally from Rome, where he studied Physics at the Sapienza University, and obtained a Masters in Piano, in Composition.

Alessandro brings an infectious enthusiasm for Physics to his students. In his teaching he is integrating academic and theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, so that students can truly embody the material.

Thursday, 24. June 2021Hiking, Life Lessons, and the Development of Grit

At nearly 4000 meters of altitude, on the South-West face of the Finsteraarhorn, under an unseasonably warm sun, a group of students are struggling, pace-by-pace, to reach the summit.

They deparedt their hut at 3 AM, climbing upwards on skis as the morning breaks. They climb higher where the air is thinner, each step feeling like four, their bodies not yet fully acclimated to the altitude. Tired, hot, and short of breath, they climb higher, the warmth of the sun intensifying the students’ perception of their efforts.

May 2021

Friday, 21. May 2021Becoming Who You Are at the Ecole and Beyond!

The journey towards becoming who you are is, of course, a lifelong one, continuing on after our students leave the Hasliberg. Vicki Kuether recently joined the Ecole as our dedicated college advisor. She brings with her rich experiences is education and college counseling, and has helped us expand our college advising program to include term-long courses in college prep in both the Swiss and US systems.

Friday, 14. May 2021Real Talk - A Student Run Womxn’s Group

Have you met Lea, Addi and Nell? These three dynamic students are three of the founders of a new student organization at the Ecole called, Real Talk.

March 2021

Monday, 15. March 2021Building Bridges from Physics

Johannes Ernst is a physics teacher in the Swiss System. Together with his class he quite literally building bridges while teaching his students about physics and interdisciplinary skills!

Johannes is teaching physics to a group of eight students ranging in age from about 13 to 15 years old. But! With a twist!

Johannes’s class is looking at physics through the lens of bridges.

Monday, 08. March 2021Physics on the Ski Hill

Chris Strahler, who teaches AP physics in our US High School Program, took his physics students out of the classroom and onto our Hauspiste where our commitment to progressive education in the Swiss Alps truly came alive!

February 2021

Friday, 19. February 2021Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Melissa Bagg, Sophie Jaschok and a group of 21 players are eagerly preparing for the staging of the Ecole’s Annual Shakespeare Production. This year we are excited to bring you A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But! With an interesting and (well-timed) twist!

Thursday, 18. February 2021The Geography of Food

Sarah Schnack, one of our newest faculty members at the Ecole, recently joined us from The International School of Panama. This term she is teaching an exciting new course called, The Geography of Food.

In this course designed for younger learners, our students are using Michael Polin’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma as their guiding text. Following the structure of Polin’s book, the students are learning about the industrial food system, alongside different modalities of food production: industrial organic; local, small-scale farming; and finally, hunting and foraging.

January 2021

Friday, 22. January 2021Post Quarantine Period

We’re all celebrating here at the Ecole because we’ve completed our post-arrival quarantine! We had a chat with Karuna Richard Vinhateiro, Assistant Dean of Students, and one of the Family Heads of Shanti House to get a closer perspective on what the experience of quarantine was like for the students at the Ecole.

October 2020

Wednesday, 21. October 2020Bringing to life what we are learning in the classroom

On a crisp cool morning (we had just had a dusting of snow!) Ben’s Biology Class ventured out to our local stream to put into practice what they had been studying in class. Together, the class collected water samples, including all the delightful critters living there. Our students measured the PH level of the water, alongside nitrate and phosphorus levels. They also took measurements of the size of the stream, and the slope of the hill.

September 2020

Friday, 18. September 2020Einer für alle - alle für einen - Beitrag in der Süddeutschen Zeitung vom 18. September 2020 (German only)

"Drehung linksherum, dann rechtsherum - und weiter geht's zum nächsten Tanzpartner. Gemeinsamer Tanzabend auf dem zentralen Schulplatz unter freiem Himmel - so etwas darf man nicht verpassen. Alle Generationen tanzen hier im Schweizer Haslital miteinander Volkstänze aus der ganzen Welt. Die Kinder und Jugendlichen, die mitmachen, stammen aus mehr als 20 verschiedenen Nationen. Alle sind froh, dass sie nach der mehrwöchigen coronabedingten Pause im Frühling inzwischen wieder gemeinsam tanzen dürfen - auch dank eines ausgeklügelten Hygienekonzepts."

Von Stephanie Schmidt

Mehr lesen

Wednesday, 09. September 2020Starting school at the Ecole

We have made it! The isolation time is over and finally the school is vibrating with life and laughter again, basketballs are popping on the court, kick- and skate boards are being used and all day long there is a lot of life and activity in all buildings and on the whole campus.

August 2020

Wednesday, 19. August 2020Our school in school dialogue Podcast (in German!)

The Schuldialog Podcast by Daniela Schöne-Fechtner sheds light on schools that use convincing and innovative concepts to bring more meaning to the everyday school life. In an interview with our headmistress Katja Braun, they talk about how the Ecole d'Humanité works and how we try to do justice to these concepts. Worth listening to!

July 2020

Monday, 20. July 2020the Ecolianer - Behind the curtain

The latest "the Ecolianer" is here to give us a glimpse behind the curtain. What happened in the first half of 2020? How did the Ecole master the Corona period and how did the students experience it? Find it out now here.

Friday, 03. July 2020Hiking Tour 2020

After it was certain that the students will come back to the Hasliberg, there was busy planning on all levels. Isolation time in the residential groups, academic courses organized, an afternoon program set up...

What should happen to one of the highlights of the summer trimester, our 6-day hike?

June 2020

Tuesday, 30. June 2020Graduation of the US-System Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the 20 members of the US-System Class of 2020! With the help of the technology department staff and students, we held our first virtual graduation. Five graduates and all families participated from home in a joyful, multi-media celebration. We wish the graduates all the best in their future endeavors. May you go far, but keep the Ecole close in your heart!

Wednesday, 17. June 2020Have a look over the fence

In order to constantly improve ourselves, we invest in the further development of the Ecole. We welcome feedback of all kinds, whether from students, parents or teaching staff. As a member of the school association "Blick über den Zaun" (BüZ) we have the possibility to extend this feedback round with other schools from Germany and Switzerland.

May 2020

Wednesday, 20. May 2020Roll up for the magical mystery tour of the Ecole!

If you click on the link Virtual Tour, a 360-degree tour of the Ecole will start. We hope you will enjoy the show! And we are happy that our campus is again filled with the sound of music and our classrooms full of debate and creativity.

Wednesday, 06. May 2020Students back on Campus!

Now the voices of young people can be heard again on campus. On the weekend of May 2-3, 2020, 70 of our students arrived to spend a two-week isolation period on campus. Christian Löffler, Dean of residential life, wrote about the arrival of the young people: " I looked into happy faces without exception, that was very encouraging in this wild time".

April 2020

Monday, 20. April 2020Spring greetings from the Ecole

Hello dear Ecolianer! We send you all colourful spring greetings from the whole Ecole crew - We hope you are all happy and healthy. See you soon!

Tuesday, 14. April 2020Spring cleaning and renovations

We use the time and the empty classrooms to start the spring with repair and renovation work. Of course with small local businesses and craftsmen.

Thursday, 09. April 2020Greetings from the School Directors

We will start the summer term with distance learning on Friday, April 24, 2020. More information will follow after the next update from the Swiss government about the decision for schools in Switzerland.

We would like to thank our parents, students, and all our staff for your trust, understanding and support in these difficult times. The following letter (PDF) is addressed to you.

We wish you a happy Easter!

Wednesday, 08. April 2020Spring is here!

Most of the snow has melted and spring has come out. We would like to give you an insight into the Ecole d'Humanité, here on the Hasliberg. Nice, isn't it?

Monday, 06. April 2020School continues on April 24, 2020! We count on distance learning for the start.

There is currently no new information from the Swiss authorities: All schools in Switzerland (and in large parts of Europe as well) will remain closed until April 19, 2020. We will be able to communicate new information on this subject after the Easter holidays at the earliest.

March 2020

Tuesday, 17. March 2020Continuing to teach at the Ecole d'Humanité

As a consequence of the Federal Council decree of 13 March 2020, the Ecole d'Humanité has also switched to distance learning from Monday 16 March 2020.

February 2020

Friday, 28. February 2020Matura test lectures

Our Matura students are in the middle of their examination period: Six students of the Matura 13 took the second part of their Swiss Matura exams in Zürich from February 11th to 14th, 2020. They will have completed the last step of their high school career with the oral exams March 2nd to 5th, 2020! They held interesting test lectures on two evenings this week about their Matura papers (read more about it in German).

Thursday, 06. February 2020Ecole Reunion June 20 - 21, 2020

The motto of this year’s Reunion is Tell your story! You can find all the details on the Alumni Website.

Wednesday, 05. February 2020Google for Education Summit at the Ecole

It will be exciting: On February 10th and 11th, the entire school community will experience two days of intensive workshops with AppsEvents and WeQ. Experienced experts will show us ways in which we can acquire new skills in the digital world and how we can learn better together.

December 2019

Thursday, 05. December 2019United Nations in Action

After spending the fall term studying International Relations, Radhika Garland's students traveled to Geneva to see the United Nations in action.

November 2019

Thursday, 28. November 2019Personal Hiking Reports of the 4-Day Hike

We are happy to publish two personal impressions from different hike groups: Tasha Wright and Tünde Cassai share their texts about the 4-day-hike from this autumn. Have fun reading!

Saturday, 02. November 2019An amazing 4-day-hike

Thanks to careful planning and good luck, eleven hiking groups were on their way in the best weather conditions and collected countless unforgettable impressions. Our Gallery and a short hike photos video provide some first impressions. Texts of students are to be published soon.

June 2019

Wednesday, 26. June 2019Congratulations and best wishes!

The graduates of both the Swiss and US school systems were honored in beautiful and moving ceremonies. We wish all the graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors - may you all go far, but keep the Ecole close in your hearts!

Monday, 17. June 2019The value of hiking

Painful knees, feet, shoulders, backs. Blisters, aches, sunburn, sweat, muscles straining to take steps that we wouldn't think twice about normally. Everything is too sunny, dirty, grimy, salty, wet. Our next shower is five days away.

Read more here

Monday, 03. June 2019Climate protection - acting now!

Climate change is a burning topic at the Ecole this term! Ben and Chris’ Sustainability course joined forces with Radhika’s course on Climate Change in the Alps to take part in the last “Klimastreik” in Zürich. They were joined by thousands of other students from Switzerland (and beyond) to voice their concern about climate change and to experience the power of this exciting (youth) movement. Read here some sweet excerpts of students' essays about their experience.

Photos here

May 2019

Friday, 24. May 2019Trophy!

Ecolianers joined for the fifth time the Birklehof Cup, a friendly, student-organized, competition with other private schools, all in Germany. And this time they came home with the trophy!
Read more here
Photos there

March 2019

Wednesday, 27. March 2019Water!

The Water! class covered a lot of territory this term, looking at how water sources are identified and protected and how water is treated and distributed. Emily and her students looked at disparate water access around the world and the increasingly desperate situations in water-poor areas.
Read more here

Thursday, 21. March 2019The Ecole tells "The Winter's Tale"...

English teachers Melissa Bagg and Sophie Jaschok co-directed the Ecole’s annual Shakespeare production The Winter’s Tale.
Read more herePhotos there

Thursday, 21. March 2019AcroYoga Workshop

Annabelle Schapals, former student and now teacher at the Ecole, together with her friend David Basler (Ecole student 2013-2016), offered an AcroYoga workshop at the Ecole.
Read more here

Tuesday, 19. March 2019Fastnacht on the Hasliberg!

In celebration of Fasnacht, the traditional Swiss festival, Ecole students and teachers dressed up as Muggestutzen, the lovable, imaginary Dwarf people who populate the forests of the Hasliberg.
Read more here and watch the Fasnacht pictures there

Tuesday, 19. March 2019Globe Day at Leysin American School

Ecole students participated in the 5th annual GLOBE Day hosted by Leysin American School. Sylvan's AP World History classes prepared presentations on the three agricultural revolutions and had a chance to share their learning with students and faculty from Leysin and other guests.
Read more here.

February 2019

Tuesday, 12. February 2019Dancing Through the Seasons

Karuna Richard, dance teacher at the Ecole d'Humanité, says this about the remarkably innovative project her dance class created: “This dance film was the outcome of an afternoon class that took place over the course of an entire year..."
Read more here and watch their dance film there.

January 2019

Thursday, 31. January 2019Women’s March: her first protest, but not her last!

Read here Lunabella's impressions of the Women's March in Zurich. Our 14-year-old American student proudly attended her first protest...

December 2018

Saturday, 08. December 2018Two Alumni teaching during "Intensive Week"

It was the Ecole that instilled in me at a young age a love of languages, music, theater, along with an overarching commitment to the pursuit of peace and social justice.
Read more from Busy Graham, former Ecole helper and teacher during “Intensive Week”.

November 2018

Wednesday, 21. November 2018"Voyelles" - Our answer to Arthur Rimbaud's poem

We have created this story. It is a universal story. The story of the human race locked up in its prejudices, its fears, and its egoism. We, The Matura 10 class, we, Karuna’s dance class, danced and acted out the story of the glaciers.
Read more here

Wednesday, 07. November 2018Ruth Cohn, a main building rock of the Ecole structure

Who was Ruth Cohn? “An amazing woman… a main building rock of the Ecole structure”, according to Sophia and Laurie, Ecole students respectively in their second and fourth year. But who was Ruth Cohn, really? Sophia and Laurie could not tell much more, and therefore decided to prepare and lead an “Andacht” (the Ecole Sunday Evening Program) to enlighten the Community members about Ruth Cohn’s life and her contributions to the Ecole.
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October 2018

Wednesday, 17. October 2018The Ecole d'Humanité wins a Solar Prize!

The Ecole d’Humanite’s Berent-Haus was awarded the PlusEnergieBau Diploma yesterday in Sursee! Since its opening in October 2017, this sustainable building housing the Ecole Learning Center and library has received high praise from students, teachers and guests. It now wins the Swiss Solar Prize, thanks to...
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September 2018

Saturday, 15. September 2018What is good education for the 21st century?

Since its opening on the Hasliberg in 1946, the Ecole d’Humanité has been pursuing a holistic education that trains young people for life. It promotes skills and abilities, which have now been included in the Lehrplan 21 (new recommendations for Swiss school curriculum).
But what is the secret of good education?
Read more here!

June 2018

Thursday, 28. June 2018Congratulations Ecole Class of 2018!

The graduates of both the Swiss and US school systems were honored in beautiful and moving ceremonies. We wish all the graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors!
Check the photos here:
US Graduation
Goodbye Ceremony, Swiss System

Tuesday, 12. June 2018"Heads or Tails": Exhibition of Milica Dukić's art work

The Ecole d’Humanité is honoured to have Milica as Artist in Residence for the school year 2017-2018. This has been made possible through the European Voluntary Service.
Read more here
Pictures here

Friday, 08. June 2018Back safe and happy!

Students, helpers and staff members are all back safe and happy after their adventures during the traditional 6-day-hike.
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Wednesday, 06. June 2018How clean is the Hasli-Water?

How clean is the Hasli-Water? Students from Tom and Ben’s 'Biology on the Hasliberg' inquiry course class give you the answer!
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May 2018

Thursday, 17. May 2018The Ecole gave a lovely concert in Meiringen!

This year we were again performing a concert in the Michaelskirche Meiringen during the Pentecost week-end.

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April 2018

Sunday, 29. April 2018We celebrated spring in the new "Grossen Saal"!

As Ecole students and teachers took their seats in the new Grossen Saal for the first Andacht of the term, we heard a lively celebration of spring.
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March 2018

Tuesday, 20. March 2018The Ecole congratulates SIX times !

This week at the Ecole, we joyfully celebrated the success of our six high school graduates from the Swiss system, who all passed the demanding Federal Matura Examination. We warmly congratulate Dea, Luca, Manuel, Rafael, Rebekka und Simon and wish them all the best for the future!

Friday, 16. March 2018A Varied Program at Music Evening!

Music students from the Ecole and local village school dazzled again in another end-of-term recital.
Read more here
Pictures here

Thursday, 15. March 2018The Tempest is upon us

Final rehearsals are underway for the Ecole's annual Shakespeare play: The Tempest, a story of magic, betrayal, forgiveness and moving forward. We invite you to join us for the performances on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm at the Ecole!
Drawing by the student Lola Goncharova

February 2018

Wednesday, 28. February 2018Fasnacht at the Ecole

During last weekend's "Fasnacht" (carnival) celebration, the Ecole traveled back in time to 1985 where they dressed as cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds in a theme based on the movie "The Breakfast Club." Sylvan played the role of 'School Principal Mooney,' leading us all through a day of silliness, songs and celebration.
Pictures here

Friday, 23. February 2018Sports and Physics Collide

Recently Chris took his AP Physics class to Interlaken for their first experience with curling. Chris started curling six years ago, and he loves sharing the sport and its unique physics with students. After experimenting with the stones and ice, the group faced off in a short game which resulted in a 1-1 tie.
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January 2018

Sunday, 28. January 2018Girls and Women Meeting Together, a 35-year Tradition at the Ecole d'Humanité

On Tuesday evening, more than 30 girls and women of the Ecole gathered in the Ruth Cohn Center for 'Frauengruppe' - a regular meeting to talk about women's issues at the Ecole and in the world. The 'Frauengruppe' was first convened by Natalie Lüthi, and this tradition of building community and confidence among the young women of the Ecole continues. For their first meeting of 2018, the theme was “Embrace and Let Go”.
Read more here

Friday, 19. January 2018At the Ecole d‘Humanité, students create their own schedule.

They attend three academic courses in the morning, and they choose their afternoon courses from a wide range of performance arts, handicrafts, and sports offerings.
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Visit our gallery to see actual pictures!

December 2017

Thursday, 14. December 2017The traditional Christmas play has beautifully ended our trimester.

The whole school enjoyed watching an old Austrian play with live music from the Ecole Singensemble as well as from the Ecole string quartet.
We wish you happy and peaceful holidays!
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Photos here

Thursday, 14. December 2017At Music Evening, ...

... Ecole students and local children performed a diverse and vibrant selection of pieces, running from classical masterworks to folk lullabies, musical theater and contemporary pop music.
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Photos here

November 2017

Tuesday, 28. November 2017Dining with family and expressing gratitude...

...are two important features of an American Thanksgiving celebration, but they’re also part of daily practice at the Ecole. So, we wondered, “What can we do to make Thanksgiving special here?” Two students, Narra F. and Allegra P., took on this challenge and, with an eager bunch of assistants, set out to create an Ecole evening to remember.
More here
Photos here

Thursday, 16. November 2017Saturday was Parents Day!

...and the Ecole opened its doors to visitors - inviting them to participate in classes, join Ecole families for lunch, exchange and network with School Directors and other visitors, and to take part in Singgemeinde!Read more here
Photos here

Friday, 10. November 2017Intensive Week at the Ecole d’Humanité - « Free time means free people »

At the Ecole, every fall we dedicate one week to one project. The students are free to pick which project they will take up, and then in groups of 2 to 8, the week is dedicated to this project alone.
Read more here
Photos here

October 2017

Wednesday, 18. October 2017Opening of the new Learning Center, in Eberhard Berent-Haus

On Wednesday, October 18th, we opened the Ecole’s newest building, the "Eberhard Berend-House", in the presence of Mr. Christoph Ammann, Government Councilor and Director of Political Economics. Mr. Ammann praised our school, saying that "The Ecole d'Humanité is unique, and sparkles in the diverse educational landscape of the canton of Bern like a rock crystal in the sun." More than 160 guests, including members of the business and political communities as well as local residents of our area, enjoyed the modern building, which will now be used by Ecole students as a library, learning and research center, and meeting place.
More information here
Photos from the Opening here
Photos from the Eberhard Berent-House here

Friday, 13. October 2017Another successful 4-Day Hike!

As they do every fall, Ecole students with MitarbeiterInnen left campus for the “4-day hike.” This year we had seven hike groups spread across the Bernese Oberland, hiking as many as 60km with 300m to 1000m elevation gain per day. Most groups stayed in tents while a couple were in huts, and all prepared their meals outside on cook stoves or over open fires. In addition, the Mountaineering group explored the area between Gstaad and Sion, including the Wildhorn at 3248m. Finally the Mountain Biking group rode near Einsiedeln in Canton Schwyz. As the weary but triumphant hikers, bikers and climbers returned, we seized the opportunity to interview Tom Sampson, our Outdoor Manager.
4 Day Hike Photos here

September 2017

Wednesday, 13. September 2017The Ecole has talent !

The first Talent Show revealed another year of creativity and a rich diversity of talents !
Pictures by a talented student: Narra Fortin

Friday, 08. September 2017The Ecole prepares us for life, together!

The new school year started a couple of days ago. Returning students are getting to know the new ones and the Ecole families are bonding more and more each day. In one of the first Family Meetings and in the Opening School Assembly, we talked about “living together”. What does “living together at the Ecole” mean to you? Read here a few of the thoughts we heard!

June 2017

Wednesday, 28. June 2017"A taste of culture" was the theme of this year's summer fest.

We explored cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, wide-ranging talents, and academic highlights - all elements that are part of daily life at the Ecole d'Humanité. During the festival we celebrated, honored, and closed another fruitful school year.

Read more here
Photos from the Summer Fest, Les Misérables, Warum, Shakespeare

Monday, 26. June 2017We just celebrated the Ecole U.S. Program's Class of 2017!

The twelve graduates represented nine different countries and were surrounded by friends and family who traveled from around the world. We heard moving speeches of the individual journeys that brought these friends and classmates together on this momentous occasion. Congratulations Class of 2017! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, 22. June 2017Urban Gardening: Former students deliver fresh organic vegetable gardens in wooden boxes

Our alumni Füsy (Jonas), Sascha and Ramy (Vikram) have developed a contemporary gardening project. If you have no space, no time, or no experience with gardening, you can still grow your own vegetables, thanks to their business “Gmüesgärtli". Your garden will be delivered in boxes and planted by the "gmüesgärtlern". This is an ideal project also for the many Ecolianers who will go on to live in urban areas.

Read more here
Photos there

May 2017

Monday, 22. May 2017How do good schools work? Pedagogical days at the Ecole d’Humanité

About 30 specialists and teenagers discussed this question here at the Ecole from May 19th to 21st, 2017. We opened our doors to a pedagogical workshop, as part of the project «Schulen der Zukunft» (Schools of the Future) and in collaboration with the Brain Researcher Gerald Hüther. The debate centered around the theme of how young people can be supported in finding their own motivation and achieving self-actualization.

Sunday, 21. May 2017Ecole concert! On Sunday, 21st May at 5 pm in the St. Michaelskirche, Meiringen

After a few years' hiatus, we will finally gave another concert in the Michaelskirche Meiringen, led by our longtime Mitarbeiter, Ernst Thöni.
Read more here
Photos here

Saturday, 20. May 2017Finding a balance...

“Finding a balance”. This is the title that Nico (a student at the Ecole since 2013) and Sarah (a teacher at the Ecole since 1977) gave to the point that they brought to “Schulgemeinde” (our weekly school assembly), to discuss with and question students about their way of dressing. This issue, which goes beyond the boundaries of our campus, highlighted the daily complexity of living together, but also the chance to live in a community enriched by its diversity.
Read more here

Friday, 12. May 2017Kunterbunt: A Musical from the village school, with the musical participation of an Ecole student

The strong relationship between the Ecole and the Dorfschule in Hasliberg has resulted in an unprecedented artistic collaboration. We are very proud of our student, Serene, who will play the piano accompaniment for the Dorfschule performance of the musical "Kunterbunt." We invite you to see the performance on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th, at 8pm in the Hasliberg Congresssaal.

Thursday, 11. May 2017It's a small world!

June Vinhateiro, Director of Admissions for the US Program, recently presented at the Independent Educational Consultant Association's conference in Denver, Colorado. After the presentation, Ecole alumnus Tino Schuler introduced himself to June. Tino was a student at the Ecole in the early 80's. It's a small world!
Read more here

March 2017

Sunday, 19. March 2017Congratulations !

Families, friends, and teachers celebrated the accomplishment of the 3 students in our Matura 13 class who all successfully passed their Matura exams! As Elisabeth Wäschenfelder, Academic Dean of the Swiss Program, noted in her speech, their greatest achievement was not the high marks they received (about which we are nevertheless very pleased) but that they had chosen this strenuous path and followed it through to the end. We are very proud of them!

Friday, 17. March 2017GLOBE Citizen Science Day at Leysin American School

Fitting that on International Women’s Day, a trio of young women journeyed to Leysin American School for the GLOBE Citizen Science Day.

Thursday, 16. March 2017"Blick über den Zaun" (Look over the fence)

Elisabeth Wäschenfelder and Roman Jaschok attended a meeting with colleagues from the school association "Blick über den Zaun" at the Solling School in Holzminden, Germany, where they participated in a workshop presented by Simon Ettekoven and Dr. Johan Keijzer on "Differentiation in Open Classes.”

February 2017

Monday, 20. February 2017Theater- und Dance-Project | Now on tour !

Following the remarkable performance of our dance and theatre play ‘L’invitation au voyage – The Invitation to Journey’, the cast continued to rehearse... before going on tour!

More information here

Monday, 06. February 2017The Ecole at the Munich Education Fair

The Ecole was a guest at the "Münchner Bildungstagen" on February 4th and 5th!

Thursday, 02. February 2017Democracy In Action!

When you attend school in a village in the Swiss Alps, it can be hard to stay connected with what’s happening in the rest of the world. So on Monday, January 30, students were given an opportunity to discuss the pressing global issue of democracy in an event called ‘Democracy In Action!’

Pictures here

January 2017

Saturday, 21. January 2017What a fantastic start to the winter season!

Snow is here! Check how snow sports are now part of our everyday life at the Ecole.

Friday, 20. January 2017Ben’s science classes are making the most of winter!

The winter has now settled in the Hasliberg. And Ben’s science classes are making the most of it! Check how students learn and explore at the Ecole!

December 2016

Monday, 19. December 2016Christmas almost there...

The traditional Christmas play has beautifully ended our trimester. The whole school enjoyed watching an old Austrian play with live music from the Ecole Singensemble as well as from the Ecole string quartet.

November 2016

Sunday, 20. November 2016Sharing a sampler of everyday life at the Ecole d'Humanité with parents

The Ecole welcomed parents for a beautiful wintry Parents’ Day.

Thursday, 10. November 2016Intensive week: students built a clay oven!

During the Ecole “Intensive Week”, students were able to focus on one project for 5 days. They could actually choose between 20 project offers, including: textile project, instrument making, knitting, performance prep (singing, acting, dancing), climbing, advanced baking and café, Sherlock Holmes, wilderness writing and hiking, sparring with silence… Check out how one group of students has been building the new Clay Pizza Oven!

June 2016

Wednesday, 29. June 2016(R)evolution at the Ecole d'Humanité

Sunday, 12. June 20166 Day Hike

Following in Geheeb’s footsteps the Ecole reasserts the worth of walking in the wilderness with the 6 day hike. Again, groups went to Northern Italy and to many parts of Switzerland. The weather was mostly sunny and warm, but many groups were surprised to wake up to snow on the 4th morning.

Monday, 06. June 2016New service vehicle for the Ecole

Thanks to a number of generous donations, last Monday we were in a position to celebrate a milestone in terms of mobility.

May 2016

Wednesday, 11. May 2016Outdoor Chess

Started during intensive week in October and completed throughout the winter, the Ecole has a new outdoor chess set.

April 2016

Wednesday, 20. April 2016As you like it

As Mitarbeiters and students return for the last trimester of the academic year, we remember the bright light with which we ended the last semester.

Behind the scenes, off the ski-slopes, many students were rehearsing for the annual Shakespeare Play. Hours and hours of practice - learning lines, learning to embody characters and develop their own relationship with the roles. In addition many students, including a few mitarbeiters, developed the stage design. All was organised and conducted by mitarbeiter Meghan Deere.

March 2016

Monday, 21. March 2016Ski Touring

Ski Touring classes complement the winter activities offered at the Ecole. They are extremely rewarding - students get great exercise ascending slopes and great rides down enjoying powder runs.

February 2016

Friday, 26. February 2016Gravitational words

On February 11th, 2016, the first detection of gravitational waves was announced. The news had a great impact worldwide, as a revolutionary era for our understanding of Nature is now about to begin. In fact, the ability to observe gravitational waves will open new eyes on the cosmos, allowing us to learn much more on, e.g., black hole, neutron stars, supernovae and the origin and the evolution of the Universe.

Friday, 12. February 2016Syria Andacht

I think that on some level, every educator followed the path they did with the shared hope of inspiring their students. If we are really lucky, our students inspire us.

About five years ago, Jordan Hattar came into my classroom at the end of the school day. I hadn't seen him in a few years since he had left the school where I was teaching in California at the end of 9th grade. He had come to tell me that he had just returned from a trip to the south of Sudan, which had not yet broken off to become the country of Southern Sudan. He had met one of the "Lost Boy" refugees and been invited to come with him on a relief trip to his home country. Jordan had raised money for the trip and for the mosquito nets and sandals they distributed. "I wanted you to know," he explained, "because your class is the first place I ever heard the word 'Sudan.'"

January 2016

Friday, 29. January 2016Winter has Arrived

After a mild December and with the return of the students, winter has finally arrived in the Hasliberg. Unfortunately this means a lot of shovelling, but students will now spend a good fraction of their time on the mountain - skiing, snowboarding, skitouring, sledding and hiking. Students take ski and snowboard lessons from complete beginner to advanced freestyle and freeride and some students learn ski/snowboard touring so they, with the highest regard to safety, can chase fresh lines in the Haslital.

December 2015

Sunday, 27. December 2015Wagenschein Didaktik

Professor Dr. Dr. Ueli Aeschlimann gestaltet Weiterbildungen für Ecole MitarbeiterInnen

Am 6. Januar 2016 wird Professor Dr. Dr. Aeschlimann zum wiederholten Male die Ecole besuchen , um eine Weiterbildung für MitarbeiterInnen durchzuführen, nachdem sein Besuch im Januar 2015 bereits ein voller Erfolg war!

Thursday, 10. December 2015Recueillement

Over the course of the fall trimester, Mitarbeiter Alain has worked with a group of student to meditate on a poem in order to produce a play, in the French language. This year they’ve been meditating Recueillement by Charles Baudelaire which, in English, roughly means Contemplation or Meditation.

Thursday, 03. December 2015Intensive Week - Theatre Preparations for Sex-Education Day

Intensive week at the Ecole provides an opportunity for students to focus on a single project. One of the twenty projects on offer is for students to develop a theatre piece in preparation for sex education day.

November 2015

Wednesday, 25. November 2015Intensive Week Round-Up

The Ecole buzzes with enthusiasm during intensive week as students get to choose a project, from about 20 options, to work on for a week - without distraction.

Thursday, 12. November 2015Ken Mellor Visits The Ecole

Psychologist and Meditation Master Ken Mellor recently visited the Ecole. He joined us for a few days and led three sessions:
(1) A talk on the psychology of teenagers with the mitarbeiters,
(2) a meditation session for the whole school and
(3) he spoke in the andacht about his route into meditation.

October 2015

Friday, 23. October 2015Alpday

This year, we had around 50 students and staff participate in Alp day. On Friday 10th October, we went up to Mägisalp with the gondela, ascending through a deep wall of fog.

After a short hike of 15 minutes, we arrived at the "Seemad" and we had a surprise waiting for us.

Thursday, 22. October 2015Movie premiere: Paradise Waits

On November 6th of 2015 the Ecole d'Humanité will host the premier of “Paradise Waits”. This is a production by Teton Gravity Research that features extreme skiing and snowboarding. We would like to invite you to the second official premier in Switzerland featuring Tim Durtschi, John Collinson, Ian McIntosh, and many other incredible skiers and snowboarders.

Wednesday, 14. October 2015Haslital Magazine Profile

In the most recent edition of Haslital Magazine the Ecole is profiled within the context of the Hasliberg and the outdoor opportunities it has to offer.

Also within these pages is a Q&A with Ecole Mitarbeiters Tom and Mel, who discuss their passion for Teaching, the Ecole and the Ecole’s setting.

Wednesday, 07. October 2015Instrument Making

After the 4-day hike, as the school settles into its regular rhythm, students have the time and space to drive various projects forward.

One very popular project is the creation of a musical instrument in the wood workshop.

Monday, 05. October 20154-Day Hike - Val Grande

End of the week before last week the school fragmented into several hike groups as per the 4-day hike tradition - in addition to exploring areas the school has visited before, one group went to Germany to walk along the Rhine Valley.

September 2015

Monday, 21. September 2015The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre has now been running, in its new format, for 2 weeks. It still takes place in the hour between dinner and stille stunde each evening but there have been changes.

Tuesday, 15. September 2015Hike Leader Training

To support upcoming 4 and 6-day hikes, myself and six other mitarbeiters trained with the Swiss Alpine Club last week to become qualified hike leaders.

Monday, 07. September 2015Hitting the ground running

This coming week - after much ground work and the best double rainbow I’ve ever seen - courses, classes, families and various groups transition into their regular rhythm.

Tuesday, 01. September 2015Arrival of the New Students

There are many firsts in life - many natural, many difficult, many unnoticed. Being dropped off by your parents at a boarding school for the first time, regardless of personality, must be unforgettable. The new students arrived, from many corners of the globe, this past Sunday on a perfect summer’s day. With the aid of their helping students, they found their new houses, bedrooms, sheets - the essentials.

June 2015

Monday, 22. June 2015Ecole Students clean up the ski slopes

Last week 25 Ecole students made a pilgrimage to the now abandoned ski slopes of the Hasliberg.

Wednesday, 17. June 2015"Is this a dagger which I see before me?"

Last weekend the famous lines “Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.” were spoken by Jonas as he played Macbeth in this year’s Shakespeare production.

Friday, 12. June 2015The Holocaust and human behavior

As part of their Holocaust and Human Behavior class, Noelle Borders, Isaac May, Narra Fortin, Hallie Scarborough, Samira Firouz, Dominik Hahn, Felix Benton, Royina Banerjee, and Lucas Millership, and Mike May traveled to Dachau, Germany, and visited the Dachau concentration camp memorial site.

Wednesday, 10. June 2015Vipers, Not-so-Hot Springs and Italian Chamois Hunters

The 6 day hike led by Guido, Chantal, Katherine and I explored the Swiss/Italian border region west of Locarno.

Wednesday, 03. June 2015Women’s Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense, taught by Franz, is a new afternoon course at the Ecole this trimester. Emphasis in the class is on role-play, so that with practice the participants can respond more calmly in a threatening situation.

May 2015

Wednesday, 27. May 2015'Vertrauensrat' (Peer Support Group) Retreat

The Vertrauensrat* (Peer Support group) has been nominated and selected for the next academic year. As part of their preparations they spent last weekend, with the current Vertrauensrat members, developing their skills as peer counsellors at a mountain retreat near the Brunig Pass.

Saturday, 23. May 2015Invitation - Commemoration for Dr. Volker Dembinski

* 03.01.1944 Ɨ 20.01.2015

Ecole Mitarbeiter from April 1986 to July 2014

On Sunday, June 21st, 2015 (the day after the Summer Fest) we will meet in the Grossen Saal at 2:30pm, to celebrate Volker’s life here at the Ecole d’Humanité.

Monday, 18. May 2015The test hike and the hike window

From Thursday May 14th the Hike Commission turn their eyes to the sky, various forms of weather divination (perhaps even goats, to judge the mood), and our contacts in the Swiss Meteorological Service, to help them decide when the 6-day hike will take place.

March 2015

Friday, 20. March 2015Fasnacht Ecole Style

Carnival fever could be clearly felt in the Ecole over the last week. In our families we planned and plotted for a couple of weeks prior to the big day.

Friday, 20. March 2015Congratulations!

Our three year 13 Swiss Matura students have completed three and a half years of intensive preparations and finished the second part of their Swiss matriculation studies.

Thursday, 12. March 2015Invitation to theater production "Das Tor"

Eine Gruppe von Ecole-SchülerInnen wird am kommenden Samstagabend um 19.30 Uhr im Schulhaus Obernau, Kriens das Theater „DAS TOR“ erneut aufführen.

Saturday, 07. March 2015Peace and Culture Evening

Last Saturday night here at the Ecole was one to remember. Peace and Justice put on a wonderful Peace and Culture evening.

February 2015

Sunday, 22. February 2015Blazing sunset, flaming torches

Last Wednesday night, as well as marking the mid-point of the Winter term, was ‘Fackelabfahrt’ – the annual Torch Run.

Tuesday, 17. February 2015Self-discovery on the Brunig-Pass

Our career planning course spent two days at the "Naturfreundehaus" hostel at Brünig. Our task was to better get to know ourselves and the group.

January 2015

Tuesday, 27. January 2015Haus Sandra Pizzeria

Wednesday night is my favorite night at the Ecole. Unlike every other night of the week, we eat dinner in our families in the comfort of our homes. It’s a time to share our cultures and cuisines, and in our family, students take it in turns to cook for the rest of us.

Thursday, 22. January 2015We honor the memory of Dr. Volker Dembinski

On the 19th of January 2015, our beloved and much respected teacher, colleague, and friend, Volker Dembinski, passed away.

Tuesday, 20. January 2015Ecole team visit Geneva as Model UN delegates

Last Monday, four students from the Ecole’s American Program traveled with me to Geneva to participate in the Ferney-Voltaire Model United Nations (FerMUN) Conference. This was the second time that the Ecole’s Model UN team attended the FerMUN Conference, but this year’s team was bigger than last year’s team and more diverse in its representation of other countries.

Saturday, 10. January 2015A successful first ski day

Our second day back at school for the winter term wasn’t your typical classroom day.

December 2014

Wednesday, 03. December 2014Soccer in the big smoke

The boys’ soccer team jumped at the chance to travel together to Lausanne last weekend to compete at the inter-school tournament organized by the Swiss Group of International Schools.

Wednesday, 03. December 2014Adding another language to the Ecole repertoire

In honor of International Day of People with a Disability...some news about a new project we are embarking on.

November 2014

Monday, 24. November 2014SGIS Basketball Tournament 2014

This weekend the Ecole boys' basketball team travelled to Leysin for the annual SGIS tournament.

Monday, 17. November 2014Parents day 2014

Saturday was Parents' Day, and the Ecole opened its doors to visitors - inviting them to participate in classes, join Ecole families for lunch, explore the open workshops, and have a sing!

Sunday, 02. November 2014Happy Halloween!

Here at the Ecole, students grab any chance for dressing up with both hands, and Halloween is one of the highlights in the annual dress-up calendar.

September 2014

Monday, 08. September 2014Bulgarian Dancers Entertain Ecolianers

Ecolianers enjoyed a special treat last night, on the first Andacht night of the new school year, when the Bulgarian children's dance group "Chortse" arrived on the Hasliberg as part of a European tour.

Saturday, 06. September 2014Ecole Families Hunt for Blueberries

The 2014 Blueberry Hike was scheduled to take place yesterday, but drizzly weather led us to postpone it for a day and the payoff was spectacular. Bright blue skies and stunning sunshine lit up the mountains today as all students and staff set off with the other members of their Ecole families to hunt for blueberries on the Hasliberg.

Thursday, 04. September 2014Ecole Admissions Visits Stamford, Connecticut

June Vinhateiro, Director of Admissions for the Ecole’s American program, will be attending the School Connections Educational Consultant Workshop in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, from September 8-10.

Wednesday, 03. September 2014A New School Year Begins!

New students have been on campus for a few days already, and returning students arrived on campus last night, but this morning gave everyone in the Ecole community our first opportunity of the new academic year to unite and get to know each other.

June 2014

Monday, 23. June 2014Celebrations and Farewells

Today was a day of laughter and tears at the Ecole. The morning brought students and staff together for the End-of-Term Assembly and the annual Farewell Assembly, and the evening gave students a chance to slip back into their formal clothes to attend the Seniors’ Dance, the last large social gathering of the current academic year.

Sunday, 22. June 2014Swiss Program Students Graduate!

Sundays are usually quite relaxed and uneventful at the Ecole, but the last Sunday of the current academic year has been an exception to the rule. The day after one of the best Summerfests in memory began with a graduation brunch for students leaving the Swiss Program and ended with an encore performance of Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Wedding.’

Saturday, 21. June 2014Summerfest 2014

Upwards of a hundred visitors flocked to the Ecole d’Humanité today, joining the two hundred members of our community to celebrate the annual Summerfest. Summerfest is perhaps the most beloved and most anticipated event on the Ecole’s calendar — an extravaganza of education and entertainment — and this year we were blessed with one of the most spectacularly sunny days we have had all term on the Hasliberg.

Friday, 20. June 2014Ecole Seniors Graduate!

Fifteen seniors in the Ecole’s American Program graduated from high school last night, receiving their diplomas and throwing their caps in the air at a formal ceremony in the Grossen Saal.

Thursday, 12. June 2014Acting Together for the School of the Future

On May 31, just before we all went hiking, four Ecolianers visited the Second Education Conference of Schools of the Future in Zurich. Annabelle, Arik, Leon, and Louise were joined by Elisabeth, the Dean of Academics in the Ecole's Swiss Program, and Barbara, the Director of the Swiss Program.

Sunday, 08. June 2014Six Days of Adventure

Waiting for a break in the weather may have led us to squeeze this year’s Six-Day Hike into the latest possible departure window, but we all went off into the mountains last Sunday and reconvened in the Grossen Saal tonight to hear stories and see pictures from each of the hike groups.

May 2014

Sunday, 25. May 2014Change and Opportunity

As we make our way towards the end of this academic year, with only one month until the current term is over, our Dean of Students, Michael Schreier, took to the Andacht stage last night to offer the Ecole community some thoughts on the themes of change and opportunity. Michael’s presentation of this Andacht is an annual occasion at this time of year, and it serves as a sort of parting gift to those students who are just now entering their last few weeks as Ecolianers.

Tuesday, 20. May 2014Putting Our Hikers to the Test

Here in the Swiss Alps, the transition from winter sports season to summer hiking season usually happens rather quickly, right around Easter, but this year the transition on the Hasliberg and in other parts of Switzerland has not been so swift. Teachers who were at the Ecole during the spring break were disheartened to find it snowing again in the last week of vacation, and weather reports from the south were even more dire! We have had pockets of beautiful spring weather, though, and the spring test hike took place during one of these pockets yesterday.

Monday, 12. May 2014Ecolianers in Tibet

A few weeks ago, during the spring break, two Ecole students spent time making a special journey to a Buddhist monastery on the Tibetan Plateau in China. There they visited a Buddhist monk who has longstanding ties to our school, and at last night’s Sunday Andacht they shared their experiences with the rest of the Ecole community.

Thursday, 01. May 2014Springtime at the Ecole

After returning to the Ecole campus yesterday afternoon, all Ecole students came together in the Grossen Saal today to welcome the term ahead. With the sun shining brightly outside and all the winter snow having melted away, teachers Sarah and Alain used the theme of springtime renewal to prepare students for the eventful weeks ahead.

March 2014

Monday, 31. March 2014Final Farewells

With classes finished for another term and the Shakespeare stage dismantled after two fantastic performances, this morning brought about the last important event of Winter Term 2014.

Sunday, 30. March 2014Shakespeare 2014: Romeo and Juliet

Last night the Grossen Saal erupted with cheers and applause from more than one hundred and fifty audience members, as the first of two performances of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet reached its catastrophic conclusion. Combining the talents of more than two dozen students and a dozen staff members, the annual staging of a Shakespeare play is one of the biggest and most anticipated events on the Ecole calendar.

Friday, 28. March 2014Winter Term Work on Display

As the end of Winter Term approaches, classes are over and there’s a special exhibition in the Geheeb Haus Halle showcasing student work from the last three months.

Friday, 21. March 2014Snowsport Festival 2014

The snow may have started to melt here on the Hasliberg, but that didn't stop Ecolianers from enjoying it in style when the school's winter season activities came to a close with yesterday's Snowsport Festival.

Wednesday, 19. March 2014From the Ecole to Oxford via the AP

The latest edition of 'Passport,' the newsletter of the College Board, shines the spotlight on an Ecolianer who earned a place at Oxford University through the AP courses she took while she was a student here.

Wednesday, 12. March 2014Ski Days #7 and #8: At the End of the Season

The last couple of weeks have given Ecolianers some of their final opportunities to enjoy a Ski Day this term as we aim to close the season with our annual Snowsport Festival next Wednesday. Under varying conditions — thick fog one week, brilliant sunshine the next — staff and students have taken to the slopes to take part in as much skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and hiking as possible before the snows melt away.

Friday, 07. March 2014Heart's Wishes for Winter Term

Today was the ‘Heart’s Wishes’ day for the Winter Term. This morning, all Ecole students were given the opportunity to express their intellectual interests and make wishes for academic courses that they would like to take next term or at some stage in future.

Wednesday, 05. March 2014Fasnacht 2014

The approach of Lent means that it's carnival time here in Switzerland, and last weekend the students of the Ecole community organized the school's annual Fasnacht celebrations.

Monday, 03. March 2014Middle Eastern Politics in Theory and Practice

Late last year, a number of journalists working for the Al Jazeera news network were arrested and imprisoned in Egypt. Then, last week, Al Jazeera launched a "global day of action" to encourage journalists around the world to condemn the arrests and show solidarity with the prisoners, and students in the Ecole's Middle Eastern Politics course decided to take part.

February 2014

Thursday, 27. February 2014Fackelabfahrt 2014: Fire in the Snow

Last night allowed Ecole students and staff to take part in one of the most beloved events of the Winter Term: the Fackelabfahrt. To prepare for a skiing and snowboarding adventure that takes place after the sun has set, everyone grabbed a flaming torch and then stepped onto the piste for a downhill run in darkness with only fire to light the way.

Wednesday, 26. February 2014Ski Day #6: Sledding Adventures

Yesterday morning here at Ecole, waking up was music to our ears -- literally. We were woken up by music being played throughout our houses, which can only mean one thing: it's Ski Day! Once everyone jumped out of bed and made it down to the Esssaal for breakfast, you could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was in a great mood and couldn't wait to put down their school bags and pick up their skis, and we all ran home after breakfast to get ready to hit the slopes.

Thursday, 13. February 2014Taking a Walk With Tolkien

Most of us here at the Ecole are very fond of taking a walk through the local woods to enjoy our spectacular mountain surroundings. But how do we connect the scenery on our doorstep with the content taught in our classrooms?

Monday, 10. February 2014How Do We Talk About Sochi?

At the Ecole d’Humanité, our student body is currently even more energetic than usual thanks to the Winter Olympics just beginning in Sochi, Russia. However, the widespread appreciation of cultural and lifestyle diversity at the Ecole has left many students troubled by the attitudes towards minority groups recently on display in Russia. As a school community, then, how do we respond to conflicts between the things we’re interested in seeing or doing and the troubles we read about in the headlines of the daily news?

Thursday, 06. February 2014Ski Day #3: Instructive Conditions

After some strong, warm winds that melted away much of the fresh snowfall we received over the last couple of days, this week’s Ski Day nearly didn’t take place. Thankfully, though, the weather gave us a lucky break — a morning of sunshine and a drop in the winds — and all of us at the Ecole were able to head up onto the mountain for our weekly dose of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and winter hiking.

January 2014

Wednesday, 29. January 2014Skitouring Season Is On!

Winter term is definitely a highlight for all of our outdoor enthusiast Ecolianers. Skitouring classes offer the unique opportunity of exploring the Alps and enjoying the pleasure of skiing untouched powder. This term, we are offering three skitouring classes per week, with a maximum capacity of twelve participants per class.

Tuesday, 28. January 2014Ski Day #2: With the Beginners

Today was Ski Day at the Ecole d’Humanité — and, with fresh powder on the ground and bright sunshine overhead, the conditions were perfect for everyone to head up onto the Hasliberg to enjoy what the day had to offer. Some students signed into classes and activities led by skiing and snowboarding instructors, while others took to the piste independently to hone their existing abilities. As you can see from the visual materials here, I spent the morning hanging out with the beginners — often first-time skiers — on the practice piste at Bidmi.

Saturday, 25. January 2014A Workshop in Bulgarian Choral Singing

Who hasn't heard about the amazing, crystal clear sound of Bulgarian choral singing? Last Thursday evening, Ecole students and staff had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with the Bulgarian choral singer Desislava Stefanova.

Wednesday, 22. January 2014Ski Day #1: Snow and Sunshine on the Hasliberg

Skis, snowboards, and sleds were out in force today as everyone in the Ecole community took a gondola ride to the top of the Hasliberg for the first Ski Day of the Winter Term. One day a week for the next couple of months, all morning classes will be canceled so that all Ecole students and staff can make the most of the snow.

Monday, 20. January 2014New Ecolianer Honors the Memory of Armin Lüthi

The latest issue of the school newsletter, The Ecolianer, went into the post last week and should be arriving in mailboxes right about now. The issue is dedicated to the memory of Armin Lüthi, who served as a director of the school for more than twenty years and died in September 2013.

Saturday, 18. January 2014A Baby Goat at the Ecole

The Ecole community gained a new member this week when Jane, one of our resident goats, gave birth to a female kid named Shmark. You can see her in the photo to the right, cradled by new student Bathshua.

Sunday, 12. January 2014Ecole Students Participate in Model United Nations Conference in Geneva

A few days ago, while the rest of the student body was returning to the Ecole, I traveled to Geneva to meet with two of our students as they prepared to participate in the 2014 Ferney-Voltaire Model United Nations (FerMUN) conference. Darshbir Chahal and Kebir Gadio, both from the Ecole’s American Program, were selected as delegates representing the European Union in FerMUN’s G20 Committee and, as an additional honor, Darshbir was one of ten students selected to deliver a speech at the Opening Ceremony, introducing the Ecole d’Humanité to an audience of more than 650 participants in the Human Rights Room at the Palais des Nations.

Friday, 10. January 2014Ecolianers Return to School — and the Ski Slopes

Winter Term at the Ecole d’Humanité kicked off yesterday and today with new students introduced to the school community and with all students introduced, or reintroduced, to the ski slopes.

December 2013

Friday, 13. December 2013Fall Term Ends With a Christmas Play

Fall Term came to an end today with an afternoon of packing up and cleaning rooms followed by an evening spent enjoying the Ecole’s annual Christmas Play.

Wednesday, 11. December 2013Students Shine at End-of-Term Assembly

With classes finished for the Fall Term and holiday time nearly upon us, today’s end-of-term assembly gave students a chance to share the things they have been learning about with the rest of the Ecole community.

Tuesday, 10. December 2013A Night of Music to End the Term

As is traditional at the end of each trimester, the last Tuesday night of Fall Term was given over to a Music Evening featuring performances from more than a dozen Ecole students.

Sunday, 08. December 2013Second Advent Offers More Storytelling

The Ecole’s Advent celebrations continued tonight with more special meals, more ‘Sing and Swing,’ and more storytelling.

Saturday, 07. December 2013French Theater Focuses on Guillaume Apollinaire

A poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, one of the world's most celebrated Modernist writers, gave inspiration to this year’s French Theater production, Amours, performed over the last two nights at the Ecole d’Humanité.

Wednesday, 04. December 2013Nikolaus Visits the Ecole!

There were countless slices of pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches consumed at the Ecole d'Humanité tonight, along with ice cream sundaes, chocolate brownies, gingerbread men, cookies, cups of hot cocoa, and much more, as members of the Ecole community came together to celebrate the arrival of a very special guest. Call him what you will — St. Nicholas or St. Nikolaus, Santa Claus or Father Christmas — but the man in the red suit showed up with his helpers to entertain Ecolianers as we enter the festive season.

Sunday, 01. December 2013Advent Celebrations Kick Off With Cheese Fondue and Storytelling

Three special events tonight marked the beginning of the Ecole’s Advent celebrations, which will continue throughout the rest of December until the end of the Fall Term.

Sunday, 01. December 2013Ecole Football Team Plays Tournament in Lausanne

The Ecole Football Team spent this weekend in Lausanne, playing in a tournament of a dozen teams from international boarding schools throughout Switzerland. Although football training at the Ecole tends to be less formal than training for basketball tournaments, the Ecole team still improved on last year’s tournament result.

November 2013

Friday, 29. November 2013American Program Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

Students in the Ecole's American Program signed out from school dinner last night to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the most important American national holidays.

Wednesday, 27. November 2013Afternoons at the Ecole

Afternoons at the Ecole give students time for extracurricular activities. Although some students with important academic work to do may use part of this time for their studies — to prepare for the Swiss Matura or the AP exams — most Ecolianers spend their afternoons engaged in their choice of sports, arts and crafts, and musical and theatrical activities. So what sorts of afternoon activities have been on offer throughout this Fall Term?

Sunday, 24. November 2013Ecole Basketball Team Plays Tournament in Leysin

For the past twelve weeks, the members of the Ecole Basketball Team have been training hard to prepare for the annual SGIS Basketball Tournament held this weekend in Leysin.

Wednesday, 20. November 2013Spotlight on the Outdoor Program, Part 4: Skitouring

Skitouring classes give Ecole students an incredible opportunity to explore the Hasliberg and its surroundings during the winter time. Students head into the snow-covered back country, traversing a lot of ground with skis in an afternoon, skinning up the mountain and along valleys, and skiing down long runs of fresh, untouched powder.

Sunday, 17. November 2013Parents' Day 2013

Snow and mist made this year’s Parents’ Day a cold and wintry one, but there were plenty of indoor activities to give parents a warm welcome as they watched the Ecole in action.

Friday, 15. November 2013Ecole Students Make 'Heart's Wishes'

Today was the ‘Heart’s Wishes’ day for the Fall Term. This morning, all Ecole students were given the opportunity to express their intellectual interests and make wishes for academic courses that they would like to take next term or at some stage in future.

Wednesday, 13. November 2013Spotlight on the Outdoor Program, Part 3: Hiking

Hikes are an integral part of the education provided by the Ecole d’Humanité, and all Ecole students participate in them regularly throughout the year.

Tuesday, 12. November 2013Ecole d'Humanité College Admissions for 2013

After a successful senior year in the Ecole’s American Program, seniors from the Class of 2013 earned admissions to a number of illustrious colleges including Haverford, Smith, and Pitzer in the USA; to Oxford, Durham, Glasgow, and the School of Oriental and African Studies in the UK; and to the University of Basel in Switzerland.

Tuesday, 12. November 2013Ecole Students Score Highly on 2013 AP Exams

The Ecole’s Advanced Placement (AP) results for 2013 continue our school’s impressive tradition of high marks on external exams. 63 AP exams were taken by our students last May. Under the AP scoring system, the highest possible score is a 5. As in most previous years, our students received more 5s than any other score.

Friday, 08. November 2013Apprentices in the Making

Students in the Swiss Program at the Ecole d’Humanité study in an environment that gives them the skills they need to succeed when they leave here. As well as being able to learn English at a school where it is spoken as part of everyday life, they receive help to either prepare for the Swiss Matura exams or find a pathway into an apprenticeship.

Wednesday, 06. November 2013Spotlight on the Outdoor Program, Part 2: Climbing Classes

The Ecole's climbing classes offer a fun physical and mental challenge to students. Besides becoming familiar with the technical curriculum of the class, they learn to be trustworthy and to trust their peers. Climbing is offered to students through the Ecole’s Outdoor Program, and it’s the second of four outdoor activities that we’ll take a closer look at with Michel Raab, our Outdoor Program Director and Risk Management Officer.

Sunday, 03. November 2013Intensive Week 2013

When Ecole students return to school after the long weekend each year, they all take part in the school’s annual Intensive Week. During Intensive Week, all academic classes are put on hold so that students can devote themselves full-time to arts, crafts, and skills-based projects which they complete over a period of four days.

October 2013

Wednesday, 30. October 2013Spotlight on the Outdoor Program, Part 1: Rope Rescue and Climbing

Rope Rescue and Climbing Techniques is just one of the many activities offered through the Outdoor Program at the Ecole d’Humanité. These activities are typically among the most unique, diverse, exciting, and popular at our school. But what do they include and how does the Outdoor Program organize them with a focus on both skills instruction and safety?

Friday, 25. October 2013The Ecole in the Media

Before Ecole students and staff head off to enjoy the annual long weekend, I’d like to call your attention to an article by Martin Kämpchen, published last week in the Calcutta broadsheet The Statesman. Kämpchen, an Ecole alumnus, recounts a visit he paid to the school and also spends time detailing its connections to the Santiniketan School in West Bengal, India.

Wednesday, 23. October 2013Ecole Students Visit the United Nations

Last Monday, nine students from the Ecole’s Global Studies class went on an excursion with one of their teachers, Alex, to visit the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. Global Studies involves learning about geopolitics and globalization, and the ways in which transnational political institutions like the U.N. respond to affairs of global interest, such as human rights violations and the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Monday, 21. October 2013Evening Music at the Sunday Andacht

Last night’s Andacht was a treat for Ecolianers as they sat down to enjoy a spirited and energetic concert performed by our very own Dean of Students, Michael Schreier. In addition to overseeing student wellbeing at the Ecole, Michael contributes to the life of the Ecole community with a host of musical and theatrical talents.

Saturday, 19. October 2013A Day to Learn About Drugs

Yesterday was not a typical school day for Ecole students. With the help of two professional health counselors from the clinic at Contact Interlaken, they all spent a day away from regular classes to learn about drugs and drug addiction.

Thursday, 17. October 2013Harvest Festival 2013: A Feast of Local Produce

Last night, everyone in the Ecole community spent some time preparing and then devouring a smorgasbord of tasty treats to celebrate our inugural Harvest Festival. The event was an initiative of the Ecole’s Ecoliteracy Program, which helps our students to appreciate and understand the ways in which we interact with the natural environment.

Tuesday, 15. October 2013Ecole Photo Gallery Now Online!

Thanks to the hard work of Theresa Bach and a team of dedicated student photographers, a photo gallery is now online featuring pictures from recent events at the Ecole. To enter the gallery, click here or click the "Gallery" link beneath "News" in the menu to the left, and take a browse through some of the Ecole's special activities as well as snapshots from everyday life.

Sunday, 13. October 2013Ecole Students Explore the Mysteries of the Mind

Last week, five students taking Advanced Psychology at the Ecole organized a class excursion to the Webster University Counseling and Psychology Conference in Geneva. The excursion gave them a chance to listen to presentations from professional psychologists and engage with cutting-edge psychological research.

Thursday, 10. October 2013Ecole College Advising and Admissions

Students in the Ecole’s American Program met today with a representative from Franklin College, Lugano, in the first of a series of visits from college admissions officers as part of our school’s college advising process. As well as allowing our students to ask questions about what they can and should expect from life after they graduate in June 2014, this visit also gave students an opportunity to participate in practice interviews in order to prepare for the admissions process due to commence at the end of the year.

Thursday, 10. October 2013Community Service on the Local Alp

Yesterday was the annual Hasliberg Alp Day, where Ecole students and other community members go up the mountain to clean up one of the local alps. This year, about forty students and teachers met after breakfast to collect some lunch supplies before walking to the gondola station at Reuti and catching the gondola up to Magisalp. At Magisalp, everyone split up into groups of six, with one teacher in charge of each group, and quickly got to work.

Monday, 07. October 2013In Memory of Armin and Natalie

Memories of Armin Lüthi and Natalie Lüthi-Peterson, longtime directors of the Ecole d’Humanité, were honored by the school community at last night’s Sunday Andacht. Armin and Natalie became joint leaders of the Ecole upon the death of the school’s founder, Paul Geheeb, in 1961. They spent the next thirty-four years overseeing its progress and expansion, and both of them continued to make indispensable contributions to the school community after retirement and right up until their deaths.

September 2013

Monday, 30. September 2013The 2013 Mountaineering Hike: A Special Report

In this Four-Day Mountaineering Hike, ten students (Nattie, Mario, Bogdan, Murod, Helena, Jan, Julius, and Raphi), two helpers (Linda and Luca), one teacher (Michel), and one professional guide (Lucas) had the pleasure of heading up to the Trift glacier and exploring the surroundings of the area while staying at the Trift hut (2520m).

Sunday, 29. September 2013Four Days in Nature

Last week at the Ecole, students were able to experience one of our school’s most important, exciting, and adventurous events: the Four-Day Hike. The purpose of the hike is to encourage students to experience the natural environment in a more concentrated and intense way than they do in their daily lives.

Saturday, 21. September 2013Chinese Students Organize Mid-Autumn Festival

Last night’s full moon marked the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important date in the Chinese calendar, and just before dinnertime the Ecole’s Chinese students came together to celebrate the occasion. The Mid-Autumn Festival honors the Chinese moon goddess, Chang’e, and at the Ecole it was observed this year by six returning students from Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Canton) and one new student from Taiwan.

Saturday, 14. September 2013Community Life at the Ecole

With so many people living closely together on and around the Ecole campus, staff and students place great importance on maintaining the spirit of the community as a whole. On Friday afternoons, everyone in the community works together to help things run as smoothly as possible -- and yesterday afternoon gave us a chance to see community work in action for the first time this academic year.

Tuesday, 10. September 2013Testing the Local Terrain

With the Four-Day Hike possibly less than a week away, all Ecole students and staff broke up into more than a dozen small groups today to set off on a Test Hike in the local area. The purpose of the Test Hike is for hike leaders to see their hikers in action in order to assess group dynamics, hike equipment quality, and students’ abilities to move across terrain comparable to what they will encounter on the actual Four-Day Hike.

Monday, 09. September 2013The Ecole Has Talent

Following Wednesday’s opening school assembly and Friday’s Blueberry Hike, the Ecole community came together on Sunday night to enjoy the annual student talent show ahead of the first full week of classes.

Saturday, 07. September 2013Blueberries, Blueberries Everywhere

Of all the longstanding traditions here at the Ecole d’Humanité, arguably the most delicious is our annual Blueberry Hike. Every September, at the start of the new school year, students gather in their Ecole families to head into the hills in search of fresh blueberries.

Wednesday, 04. September 2013Getting to Know One Another

To mark the start of a new academic year here at the Ecole d’Humanité, staff and students gathered together today to meet and greet the latest members of the Ecole community.