Fasnacht 2020

The Fasnacht 2020 was a great success!

Parents' Day 2019

The parents as guests

Intensive Week 2019

Here is some insight into the Intensive Week 2019.

In the file you will find an overview of this year's projects.

Climate protection - acting now!

Climate change is a burning topic at the Ecole as well!
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Credits: Student Wesley Whitfield

US Graduation

Credits: Love Weber

Goodbye Ceremony, Swiss System

Credits: Love Weber

Summerfest 2018

Credits: Love Weber

Milica Dukić, Artist in Residence at the Ecole

The Ecole d’Humanité is honoured to have Milica as Artist in Residence for the school year 2017-2018.
Here are some pictures of the Vernissage of Milica's exhibition "Heads or Tails".
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Credits: Marc Sommer, Coordinator of the SCI Organisation in Bern

Fasnacht 2018

During last weekend's Fasnacht celebration, the Ecole traveled back in time to 1985 where they dressed as cheerleaders, jocks, and nerds in a theme based on the movie "The Breakfast Club." Sylvan played the role of 'School Principal Mooney,' leading us all through a day of silliness, songs and celebration.

End of Term Assembly

The end of term assembly allowed students and teachers to showcase their work.


Photos: Emily Strahler, Narra Fortin

Intensive Week 2017 at Ecole d’Humanité - «Free time means free people»

At Ecole, every fall we dedicate one week to one project. The students are free to pick which project they will take up, and then in groups of 2 to 8, the week is dedicated to this project alone.

Talent Show

The first Talent Show revealed another year of creativity and a rich diversity of talents !
Pictures by a talented student: Narra Fortin

Fasnacht 2017

The Ecole community celebrated Fasnacht with music, crafts, games, and dance. The "Blatti" family organized the day around the theme 'Who Are You?' and invited everyone to honor their most beautiful features. At the end of the day our undesirable qualities went up in smoke as we gathered around an enormous bonfire.

Democracy in action!

When you attend school in a village in the Swiss Alps, it can be hard to stay connected with what’s happening in the rest of the world. So on Monday, January 30, students were given an opportunity to discuss the pressing global issue of democracy in an event called ‘Democracy In Action!’

Read the full article here

Workshop with Pr. Aeschlimann

Prof. Aeschlimann is somewhat of a physics magician. A physics magician grounded in the pedagogy of Martin Wagenschein, an illustrious former physics teacher at the Ecole d’Humanite. Prof. Aeschlimann, as was Wagenschein, is focused on unveiling physics concepts to students through magical demonstrations. This term he once again visited the Ecole, this time showing the Mitarbeiters some of the ways the nature of light can become apparent to us and how it might be framed within a ‘learning by doing’ or in this case 'learning by seeing' or 'learning by not-seeing what you expected' classroom.

Swiss Graduation 2016

We celebrated 15 students who have graduated from the Swiss System. There was a lot of emotion in the air as students, teachers and loved ones shared their appreciation to each other and to the Ecole.

US Graduation 2016

On Monday morning 13 students from the US System graduated. Parents and loved ones from around the world came for this special occasion. It was a very moving and emotional ceremony as students, loved ones and teachers shared their feelings and appreciation for each other

Fasnacht 2016

The Carnival spirit reached the Ecole, with LP haus taking on the responsibility of organising this years event

Torch Run 2016

Everyone meets at the Käserstatt restaurant for food, and then family by family they ski down whilst it's dark holding torches. Then everyone meets by a giant fire on the donkey field for refreshments

St Nicholas Festival

Tasty food, fun games all set in a wonderful pre-Christmas setting.

Parents' Day 2015

Another School year and another Parents' Day. It was a packed house here at the Ecole!

Halloween 2015

Halloween showed up at the Ecole over the weekend, students got into the spirit of things by dressing up!

Intensive Week 2015

Intensive week was a chance for students to focus on one course for a week! There were many to pick from, including - making a documentary, making giant metal chess pieces, yoga retreat, hike leader training, theatre, quilt making and many more!

Field Day

Activities and games arranged by Polygon for all students.

Talent Show

The Ecole hosted its very own Talent Show, In which Teachers, helpers and Students all participated.

Tichu Tournament

Over the weekend there was an Ecole Tichu tournament! Teachers, helpers and students all participated for the event. After many games, the overall winners were Coltrane and Luca!

Prom 2015

At the end of the School year there was a prom and all students were invited! They all dressed up for the occasion and the atmosphere was electric!

Sommerfest 2015

Although it rained, it didn't dampen our spirits! 150 guests turned up and it was a packed day filled with games, activities, singing, dancing, exhibitions, plays and delicious food!

Music Evening

Students and residents of Hasliberg performed throughout the evening.

Shakespeare Rehearsal

Here we have Meghan and her Shakespeare group rehearsing hard.

Summer Assembly

The first assembly of summer term! It started off with a lovely theatre piece from the teachers and it was about Community and the Common Good, and how we are all a part of it and we need to help each other out. Also the new teachers and students introduced themselves.

End of Term Assembly March 2015

At the end of the trimester gave pupils and staff insights into their courses, they showed an idea of ​​what they had employed a quarter long. We also said goodbye to some students, teachers and helpers.

Matura Brunch 2015

Yesterday there was a brunch celebrating Murod, Arjuna and Fabian's successful completion of the Swiss Matura exam. Friends, family, and staff were all invited to participate in the event. We wish them the very best in the next chapter of their lives.


An end of term musical treat for staff and students.

Snow-Fest 2015

There were plenty of games and activities for this years Snow-Fest.

Fasnacht 2015

The 'Fasnacht' spirit arrived at the Ecole.

Peace and Culture Evening 2015

Last Saturday night here at the Ecole what one to remember. Peace and Justice put on a wonderful evening Peace and Culture.

End of Term Assembly

The end of Term assembly allowed students and teachers to showcase their work. It also allowed for students and teachers who were leaving to say their goodbyes to everyone.

St Nicholas Festival

Fabulous food, games and entertainment in a wonderful pre-Christmas setting.

Jazz Performance

Intensive week was a while back now, but the Jazz Band that was formed back in early November has been rehearsing since then. They treated us to a lively, spirited performance last Monday night.

Advent 2014

On the Advent Sundays, the atmosphere in the dining hall is very special: candlelight, spruce branches, mandarines, a variety of festive nuts, music, and festively dressed Ecolianers. And what would those special Sundays be without a story being read in the Grossen Saal?

Parents' Day 2014

A packed house for Ecole Parents' Day! Weather even played along this year!

Halloween 2014

Halloween creeped into the Ecole. Strange and creepy creatures roamed the campus.

Senior Dance

Once again, the seniors of the American Program organized the annual senior dance. In formal clothes, graduates and returning students celebrated one of the last evenings of term together…

Graduation Brunch Swiss Program

A festive brunch for the graduates in the Swiss Program: following the graduation ceremonies for the Seniors in the American Program and the Matura students in the Swiss Program, the Ecole – for the first time – hosted a graduation brunch for all students in the Swiss Program who are leaving the school after the 9th or 10th grade. It was a beautiful occasion with moving words from students and their advisors.

Summer Festival

A Summer Festival to be remembered: Ecolianers, alumni, and visitors enjoyed the lively atmosphere with a fantastic matinée program, competitions on the Platz, exhibitions, folkdancing in a large group, diverse open air performances, and more…

Graduation American Program

The graduation dinner on June 19th saw many immediate and extended families of the graduates eating and celebrating together in a beautifully decorated Grossen Saal. After a round of reflection by the Seniors and a graduation address by American Program Director Ashley Curtis, all 15 Seniors received their diplomas and tossed their caps high into the air! Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Matura Graduation Brunch

Four Ecolianers celebrated their Matura with a special brunch on the Gallery. Together with their parents, teachers and family heads, they recalled their time at the Ecole.

Snow Sport Fest 2014

With the Snow Sport Fest on Wednesday, the official snow sport activities of the Winter term 2014 finished. All Ecolianers enjoyed their last afternoon in the mountains with beautiful sunshine and slushy snow. It was the moment to show their skills and to take part in funny competitions.

Fasnacht 2014

Who is best suited to be the new Ecole director for a day? Throughout the day, candidates from the different Ecole families competed for the position, vying in various disciplines under the guidance of the Osthaus-Up family.

Torch Run 2014

Warm torch fires enlightened the mist and despite unpleasant conditions, all Ecolianers enjoyed their run to Lischen and the get-together at the camp fire on the Platz.

St. Nicholas 2013

For the St. Nicholas Market in the Grossen Saal, alongside pizza stands and ginger bread decorating activities, there were many other surprises: compliments on request, a push-up competition, blind dates, and much more. Afterwards, St. Nicholas arrived on stage with a bobby car and his "Schmutzli“…

Advent 2013

On the Advent Sundays, the atmosphere in the dining hall is very special: candlelight, spruce branches, mandarines, music, and festively dressed Ecolianers. And what would those special Sundays be without a story being read in the Grossen Saal?

Parents' Day 2013

November weather by the book – but despite this, lots of laughter, nice encounters and insights into daily life at the Ecole.

Halloween 2013

Yet again, a number of strange creatures prowled the Ecole campus on Halloween. Some of those dark figures lurk here in this photo gallery.

Intensive Week 2013

As in previous years, all Ecole students committed themselves to a single project for the four days of Intensive Week. Some students used wood to build models of machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci while others created a compost system for the school, forged knifes in the blacksmith's workshop, or learned about climbing and rope systems. This gallery is the result of the Digital Photography project, which aimed to document all the projects of this year's Intensive Week.

Harvest Festival 2013

For the first Harvest Festival at the Ecole, students and staff had the opportunity to get to know the different farmers and local producers who supply our school with food. The beautifully decorated hall hosted a rich buffet for which every family cooked one dish, and the festivities wrapped up with singing and folkdancing.

Alp Day 2013

This year, Alp Day took place on a wet and foggy autumn day. Despite the weather, about forty students and teachers worked on the mountain to support Alpine farming at Mägisalp by cutting and gathering up piles of alder branches.

Summer Festival 2013

Despite a brief shower in the morning, Summer Festival 2013 was a warm and sunny event. After the annual setting up of the summer solstice tree and a lot of time for talking, eating, and looking around the Ecole workshops, the Grosser Saal hosted a variety performances including "Maskenlos," "The Whole Shebang," and "The Good Doctor." With a community-wide folk dance on the Platz, the evening drew slowly to a close.

Fasnacht 2013

Under the slogan "Become who thou art not!" The family from Martin Wagenschein Haus organized Fasnacht 2013. The highlight of the day was a colorful parade through Hasliberg Goldern with music and students dressed in fantastic masks and costumes.

St. Nikolaus 2012

As usual, the annual St. Nikolaus Celebration started off with a colorful market in the Grossen Saal. Afterwards, the family from Haus Shanti honored Nikolaus in a rather different light...

Halloween 2012

As customary, a group of motivated students organized a party for Halloween where, for one night, dark figures transformed the Ecole into a chamber of horrors.

Intensive Week 2012

As every year, Ecole students spent an entire week devoting themselves to working on various projects: Alpine drawing techniques, exercise and fitness programs, water ecology, stonemasonry, yoga, volleyball, and many more.

Summer Festival 2012

For the first time ever, the Summer Festival took place on just one day: a bright, sunny Saturday filled with open workshops, the raising of the summer solstice tree, and a number of different performances. Following presentations of morning and afternoon courses, Ecole students performed two theatrical pieces: Chekhov's "A Marriage Proposal" and Maynard's "Nothing But the Truth." An evening concert by Paul Wallfisch brought the day to an end.


Concert of the Cuban Youth Choir Solfa.

Under the leadership of conductor Mailàn Avila Leyva, the choir belongs to the Schola Cantorum Coralina in Havanna and performed a concert at the Ecole d'Humanité, organized by the Ecole and the Kulturverein Hasliberg.