Ecole Families

The "Ecole Families" form the nucleus of our school. An Ecole Family consists of two to three teachers and four to ten students. Each family lives in one of our chalets. In these bilingual living groups cooperation, appreciation for others, and confronting differences in a constructive way are all essential experiences. Students enjoy a feeling of security and acceptance, but also face the challenges of living in a large family.


Most student rooms are doubles. The rooms are simply and purposefully outfitted. Living together closely can mean both welcome support and unexpected challenges. Students share their joys and frustrations. Sometimes lifelong friendships are formed, sometimes only bonds of convenience. In the small unit of the room social learning plays an important role. When conflicts arise, the teachers who supervise the families ("Family Heads") are there to help resolve them.


We offer a balanced, healthy, and, as far as possible, locally produced menu. Vegetables and salad bars are important parts of lunch and dinner, and there are vegetarian choices at every meal. Whenever possible we accomodate special dietary needs (e.g., allergies or food intolerances).

We eat our daily meals together in a communal dining hall on two floors. Students wait on the tables. The individual Ecole Families sit together at large family tables. The meals provide a place in family life for important conversations, for communication, and simply for being together.


The Ecole employs only a small number of cleaning and service personnel. Instead, students and teachers take on daily responsibility for cleaning a particular area of the school; alternatively, they may join one of the table-waiting and washing-up groups.

Through cleaning the school buildings and Family Houses, and through serving and washing up at meals, students experience that all members of the community are needed. In addition, cleaning up after ourselves leads to greater respect for the school facilities, and is an important preparation for independent life after graduation.