Political and Social Groups

The Ecole has two key student groups which play a major role in school political and social life: the Polygon and the Peer Counseling Group ("Vertrauensrat"). The School Assembly, meanwhile, provides a forum for whole-school discussion.

Polygon and School Assembly

The Polygon is the elected student council and thus an important link between the faculty and administration and the students. This group listens to students' concerns regarding school life, discusses them in weekly meetings, and can bring them as points to the School Assembly. Its members also serve as an important liaison for external partnerships, as well as hosting guests at our school.

The School Assembly is a gathering of the entire school that takes place every Friday afternoon. It is led by one or two students. Here every member of the school community can express opinions on the most diverse topics, from the organization of the Saturday evening programs to the purpose of a Soup Day. The School assembly is a forum for discussion, argument, struggle, and laughter. Learning democracy can be difficult, but is often fun as well.

Peer Support Group

The members of the Peer Support Group are elected by the student body and work closely with the Dean of Students. Students can talk to its members if they are experiencing personal or social troubles or are having difficulty accepting the school rules--especially when they don't feel able or willing to discuss these problems with an adult.

In the Peer Support Group students find uncomplicated support from peers who know how and when, in dangerous situations, to bring in adult help. The members of the Peer Support Group receive regular training to help them in this role of significant responsibility.

Singing Assembly

Every Saturday morning the whole school gathers for the Singing Assembly. We sing songs in the most varied styles from all around the world: classical canons like Beethoven's "Signor Abbate" and Purcell's "Fie Nay Prithee John"; Japanese songs of farewell; blues, scat, and campfire favorites--almost every kind of music finds its way into our school repertoire.

Community Service

In the Community Service Groups students actively contribute to improving school life, or get involved in causes that lie beyond our campus. One group builds stages for performances and festivals, another oversees the library, others promote sustainable practices in our intercourse with the outside world or sell baked goods to support a child in India. We learn here by helping others.

Every student must join at least one group; some choose to be involved in several. Many of the meetings are organized and led independently by students. All promote social learning, the experience of responsibility toward one's society, and the importance of engagement for others.