Snowsport Festival 2014

Friday, 21. March 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

The snow may have started to melt here on the Hasliberg, but that didn't stop Ecolianers from enjoying it in style when the school's winter season activities came to a close with yesterday's Snowsport Festival. Breaking into ten teams of roughly ten participants each, Ecole students and staff took to their skis and snowboards to perform tricks all across the slopes. With roving judges evaluating the special skills on display, the aim was for skiers and snowboarders to win as many 'snowflakes' as possible and, as a team, to win glory as the most stylish Winter Olympians on the 'berg.

The day began with the entire school convening in the Grossen Saal to split up into teams. Skiers and snowboarders then went up to Käserstatt to hunt for the special events hotspots that had been scattered across Balisalp, while sledders and hikers participated in their own special events between Käserstatt and Lischen. For those who were unable to enjoy the slopes due to injury or illness, there was still an opportunity to take part as each team required a designated mascot and a scribe to write a snow-themed team poem.

All morning, competitors practiced jumps, flips, slaloms, bunnyhops, and other slopestyle moves on the pistes and on kickers made especially for this event. You can see some of the action I saw in the video to the right. When midday came around, everyone met at a picnic spot on Balisalp for a delicious lunch of burgers and Berliners, and then, as the day drew close to an end, our skiers and snowboarders slipped their feet back into boots and bindings and said farewell to the season with one last afternoon of wintery fun.