The Ecole Has Talent

Monday, 09. September 2013

by Daniel Davis Wood

Using impeccable English, Luca demonstrates
just how strange the English language can be.

Following Wednesday’s opening school assembly and Friday’s Blueberry Hike, the Ecole community came together on Sunday night to enjoy the annual student talent show ahead of the first full week of classes. Emceed by returning students Arik and Till, the talent show kicked off with new student Chia playing a tune on a ukulele and new helper Luca reciting a poem about the eccentricities of the English language in its written and spoken forms: “When the English tongue we speak, / Why is break not rhymed with freak? / Cow is cow but low is low, / And shoe is never rhymed with foe.”

Luca went on to team up with Arjuna to sing and play a tune on the piano, a medley blending Nancy Sinatra with Jack Johnson. After that, Mats, one of the Ecole’s gloving extraordinaires, entranced the audience with a fingertip lightshow set to a techno beat. But the stage wasn’t reserved for students alone. Dany and Oriane, the family heads from Haupthaus, displayed their juggling prowess -- or, rather, Dany gave Oriane an expert lesson in juggling in front of the entire school -- while Michael, our Dean of Students, showed off his circus performance skills by balancing a broom and then a chair on the bridge of his nose.

Michael defies the pull of gravity with a chair
balanced on the bridge of his nose.

As the evening drew to a close, the spotlight fell briefly on The Beatles: new student Julia sang “Let It Be” with piano accompaniment by returning student Annabelle, and then Annabelle remained onstage to play and sing "And I Love Her." Afterwards, Julius took her place at the piano to try his hand at Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer," Andrew cranked up the dance music to demonstrate some fast-paced moves, and Leon and Yuri finished off the show with something that could probably only be called extreme improv acrobatics.

This time last year, the Ecole talent show opened with a question in German: “HAT ECOLE TALENT?” It means, roughly, “Does the Ecole have talent?” The answer, then and now, is plain for everyone here to see.