From the Ecole to Oxford via the AP

Wednesday, 19. March 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

The latest edition of 'Passport,' the newsletter of the College Board, shines the spotlight on an Ecolianer who earned a place at Oxford University through the AP courses she took while she was a student here. In the newsletter, sent to schools worldwide, Sonia Curtis, one of last year's seniors, shares her experience of entering the US-based AP program at a school in Switzerland in order to enter the most prestigious university in the United Kingdom. "My school didn't have grades," Sonia says, "and I saw AP as my chance to show universities my academic strengths." Sonia's achievement shows how the courses offered through the Ecole can open pathways to higher education in the UK as well as the USA, without requiring students to take the British A-Level exams. You can read her story in full at the College Board website (PDF).