Ski Days #7 and #8: At the End of the Season

Wednesday, 12. March 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

The last couple of weeks have given Ecolianers some of their final opportunities to enjoy a Ski Day this term as we aim to close the season with our annual Snowsport Festival next Wednesday. Under varying conditions — thick fog one week, brilliant sunshine the next — staff and students have taken to the slopes to take part in as much skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and hiking as possible before the snows melt away.

Last week's Ski Day was a drizzly one, offering only a few bursts of sunshine early in the day before the fog rolled in to swallow up the Hasliberg. Ecolianers made their way back down the mountain in a thicket of gray, but as you can see in the first video below, that didn't stop them from taking to the piste full of energy and riding the t-bar to the top again. In contrast to last week, today's Ski Day was spectacular: full sun, sparkling snow, a bright blue sky, and delicious schnitzel sandwiches for lunch. The second video below is a record of my very relaxed Ski Day exercise, a trek across the Hasliberg from Bidmi to Lischen and up to the lunchtime meeting place at Käserstatt, followed by a walk down the piste to return to the Ecole campus. Both videos will give you a look at our stunning natural surroundings, a glimpse at some of our Ski Day activities, and a sense of what it's like for everyone to be up there on the slopes.