Ski Day #3: Instructive Conditions

Thursday, 06. February 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

After some strong, warm winds that melted away much of the fresh snowfall we received over the last couple of days, this week’s Ski Day nearly didn’t take place. Thankfully, though, the weather gave us a lucky break — a morning of sunshine and a drop in the winds — and all of us at the Ecole were able to head up onto the mountain for our weekly dose of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and winter hiking.

What made today’s Ski Day especially interesting and useful for learners was that, for the first time this term, the snow was not in great condition. The overnight warmth had melted much of it, leaving it slushier and more slippery than it usually is, which forced our skiers and snowboarders to pay close attention to the terrain in front of them and concentrate on the moves they were trying to make. That’s just one way in which, here at the Ecole, the ski piste is also a classroom, teaching students how to safely and responsibly handle themselves on the mountain while also having fun.