Ski Day #1: Snow and Sunshine on the Hasliberg

Wednesday, 22. January 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

Skis, snowboards, and sleds were out in force today as everyone in the Ecole community took a gondola ride to the top of the Hasliberg for the first Ski Day of the Winter Term. One day a week for the next couple of months, all morning classes will be canceled so that all Ecole students and staff can make the most of the snow.

With a thick blanket of mist settling over the Ecole campus early this morning, it was hard to believe that the weather would turn out to be very favorable. But the gondola ride to Lischen and Käserstatt swept us skyward, above the clouds, and we disembarked at the top of the mountain in spectacular sunshine that shimmered over the snow-capped mountains all around us.

As is the case every year, students with experience in skiing or snowboarding were allowed to enjoy the pistes in the company of friends, while beginners were given supervised lessons to make sure they have mastered the basics of winter sports before they try them on their own.

Events from every Ski Day this term will be covered here on the Ecole website, with a new story each week focusing on a different group of students enjoying a different type of winter sport. For this week, though, here are a couple of photographs setting the scene at midday, when everyone meets up to enjoy lunch at Käserstatt in front of one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Below: Sam, Hannah, Sam, and Hassib pose against an Alpine backdrop. Below that: new teacher Sophie, helper Lizzy, and student Nico enjoy tea and lunch at Käserstatt. At the very bottom: Sam takes a walk through the snow in front of the mountains.