Fasnacht Ecole Style

Friday, 20. March 2015

by Victoria Zurakowski

Carnival fever could be clearly felt in the Ecole over the last week. In our families we planned and plotted for a couple of weeks prior to the big day. Friday night was spent decorating another family’s dining table; there were safari trucks, stacked tables, packaged Ikea breakfast sets, thrones on tables and much more. This year’s Fasnacht theme was animals, and students and staff alike were encouraged to get into the spirit of things by dressing up in theme. We were woken up to loud carnival music and the carnival band in brightly colored costumes walking through our houses. Brunch was exciting and there was a lot of chatter and confusion as to how some families could get their food that had been placed high up on the top of stacked tables or behind barriers. Waldhaus organized a day of games and activities ranging from sack races, poetry competitions, throwing popcorn on faces covered in Nutella, and even a high heel catwalk race. The competition was fierce with a lot of laughter, but in the end it was Haus Sandra that was finally crowned the winner of the Fasnacht celebrations. It was a full day, but there were no complaints, especially since our wonderful kitchen staff and chefs prepared us a special dinner of doner kebab. The day was exciting and we’re left wondering what next Fasnacht at the Ecole will bring and what costumes to wear.