Blazing sunset, flaming torches

Sunday, 22. February 2015

by Victoria Zurakowski

Wednesday night, as well as marking the mid-point of the Winter term, was ‘Fackelabfahrt’ – the annual Torch Run. Rather than meeting in families for a regular family evening, we gathered at the Käserstatt restaurant for an early dinner. Our excitement about the evening ahead was topped only by the spectacular sunset we watched across the Haslital, which brought a hush to the buzzing restaurant before dinner. The hikers set off first with their lit torches in hands, singing merrily and chatting excitedly. They took the sledding trail and were treated to some spectacular nighttime views. In families with our designated leader at the front we skied or snowboarded slowly down, weaving side to side like a snake. One family set off and 10 minutes later another followed until every family had headed down. In the distance ahead of us we saw the flaming torch lights swaying back and forth, back and forth. At Lischen we compared notes and remarked how “awesome” it was. Our evening didn’t end at Lischen – a group of students had organized a bonfire and party (DJs and all) on the snowy field below the house piste. The Ecole kitchen team served traditional “Berliner” doughnuts and tea to finish off an evening to remember, and a wonderful celebration of mid-term on the Hasliberg.