Self-discovery on the Brunig-Pass

Tuesday, 17. February 2015

On behalf of the group: Isabel Zorita, Julian Schirmer

Our career planning course spent two days at the "Naturfreundehaus" hostel at Br√ľnig. Our task was to better get to know ourselves and the group. We shared many stories about our lives, ideas and wishes, and completed personality type tests. In amongst the work, we played group games like the one in the picture. The goal was for all six blindfolded players to make a square on the floor out of string. It is not easy...but very funny and enlightening, because it quickly becomes clear who takes on what role in a group.

In the evening we made spaghetti and watched a film about a young person and his family - that also prompted a lot of discussion. We really enjoyed the two days, and have all come a step further in our journey towards knowing ourselves and our career goals.