Haus Sandra Pizzeria

Tuesday, 27. January 2015

by Victoria ZurakowskiWednesday night is my favorite night at the Ecole. Unlike every other night of the week, we eat dinner in our families in the comfort of our homes. It’s a time to share our cultures and cuisines, and in our family, students take it in turns to cook for the rest of us.

This week, our resident Italian Bianca showed the rest of Haus Sandra, in her words, ‘how Italians do pizza.’ During her busy afternoon, she slipped into chef mode making and kneading the dough and letting it rise for a couple of hours. Other family members chipped in and chopped up their favorite ingredients from salami to mushrooms while singing together. It was a real group effort with Bianca leading and instructing us from how we covered the base with her mother’s ‘secret tomato sauce’ recipe to pre-cooking the dough before the cheese goes on in order not to burn it. Twenty-five minutes later and with much anticipation, we opened the school kitchen’s ovens to discover our perfect ‘true Italian’ thin crust pizzas. We devoured our personalized pizzas as we complimented each other with the little Italian we know – one word could describe the food and atmosphere and that was ‘Bellissimo!’