A successful first ski day

Saturday, 10. January 2015

by Victoria Zurakowski

Our second day back at school for the winter term wasn’t your typical classroom day. No, all the students, staff members, and helpers headed up the mountains to check out the snow conditions and try out the slopes for the first run of the season.

Our eager returning snowboarders and skiers couldn’t wait to get up the mountain, with some of them claiming that ‘the snow’s always the highlight of the year.’ Even though there wasn’t much snow, our new Ecole family members were blown away by the excitement. Up on the mountain, we grouped off into our various levels and met with ski instructors from the Ecole and from the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School. Beginners found themselves in Bidmi, where they learned the basics and were even able to zoom down the little beginner’s slope by the end of the day. More advanced and confident skiers and snowboarders took to other parts of the resort to try out their skills on the more challenging runs. Laughter and excited chatter filled the ski resort and we all enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day the Hasliberg put on.

It’s safe to say that everyone had a blast up the mountain and thankfully the snow Gods heard our prayers and Michael’s call for a snow dance because a few days later we were blessed with a fresh dumping of powder.