Soccer in the big smoke

Wednesday, 03. December 2014

The boys’ soccer team jumped at the chance to travel together to Lausanne last weekend to compete at the inter-school tournament organized by the Swiss Group of International Schools. It is always a bit of an adventure for Ecolianers to leave the Hasliberg together and head out into the ‘real world’, as students call it — no matter whether they are going on a hike, going bowling for family evening, visiting a college in Geneva, or spending a weekend in the big city playing sport.

The team spent the weekend in Lausanne, and enjoyed exploring the city together with Mike, director of the US program, and coach Spiros. Spiros is a recent addition to the Ecole’s sports program. He has been a passionate soccer player since he was a boy growing up in Albania - a passion and talent that led him to play for the Albanian national soccer team before landing here on the Hasliberg.

The team worked hard on the ‘field’ (being November, it’s past the season where it’s comfortable for players or spectators to be outdoors), coming away with one victory and a few close matches.

With less than two weeks of Fall term to go, our sporting eyes are now firmly set on the ski fields, as we look forward to Winter term. Snow sports, here we come. If only SGIS had a snow sport tournament…Ecolianers would sweep the field!