Ecole Families Hunt for Blueberries

Saturday, 06. September 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

The 2014 Blueberry Hike was scheduled to take place yesterday, but drizzly weather led us to postpone it for a day and the payoff was spectacular. Bright blue skies and stunning sunshine lit up the mountains today as all students and staff set off with the other members of their Ecole families to hunt for blueberries on the Hasliberg.

Actually, a rainy summer across Switzerland meant that the blueberries were in short supply this year, but many families discovered that nature has found a way of compensating for that loss by offering up an abundance of raspberries instead. Whether hiking up from Bidmi to Mägisalp or down from Käserstatt to Balisalp, or skirting around either of these two well-trodden routes, Ecolianers plucked and brought home bucketfuls of delicious berries to mix into icecream and pancakes in the days ahead. More importantly, they also had many hours of uninterrupted conversation time in our spectacular surroundings, all the better for new Ecolianers to get to know their Ecole families and for returning students to strike up new friendships with those who have just joined us.