Ecole Seniors Graduate!

Friday, 20. June 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

Fifteen seniors in the Ecole’s American Program graduated from high school last night, receiving their diplomas and throwing their caps in the air at a formal ceremony in the Grossen Saal.

As has been the case in previous years, the graduation ceremony began with a banquet attended by the graduating students, their families, and their teachers. Exchanging their customary casual clothing for stylish gowns and suits, they sat down to enjoy a delicious roast dinner, a selection of sensational desserts, and some of the last conversations they will share as a student cohort at the Ecole.

After dinner, as the fifteen students gathered before the rest of the crowd, Ashley Curtis, Director of the American Program, addressed them with words of congratulations and farewell. Weaving together Bernese children’s songs, the writings of W.G. Sebald, and his own time at the Ecole, Ashley’s speech was a moving meditation on the experience of leaving and returning to a place of importance in one’s life.

Following Ashley’s final congratulations to the students, it was their turn to speak, and so — one by one — Alex, Gabriel, Sam, Tina, Harry, Hassib, Darshbir, Helena, Andrew, Hannah, Mario, Jackie, Wade, Kebir, and Will offered heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported them during their time at the Ecole and helped them to reach this milestone. Then Ashley invited each of them to rise and receive a diploma — and at last, when all the diplomas were received and the caps were all cast off, it was time for the Ecole’s latest graduates to relax and pose for photographs to commemorate the successes they have achieved at our school.