Acting Together for the School of the Future

Thursday, 12. June 2014

Text by Barbara Hanusa und Elisabeth Wäschenfelder.
Translation by Daniel Davis Wood.

On May 31, just before we all went hiking, four Ecolianers visited the Second Education Conference of Schools of the Future in Zurich. Annabelle, Arik, Leon, and Louise were joined by Elisabeth, the Dean of Academics for the Ecole's Swiss Program, and Barbara, the Director of the Swiss Program.

The topic of the conference was the development of student potential in schools. In the weeks leading up to the event, the students visited schools in Germany and Switzerland with Daniel Hunziker, the head of the Schools of the Future network, and their potential was captured on film. In front of more than five hundred guests Annabelle and Leon (pictured above) showed the the resulting footage, and afterwards Louise and Arik offered sympathetic, honest, and thoughtful discussions of their school experiences at the Ecole and their impressions of its structure. All four students impressed the conference guests with their charming and authentic way of speaking, and it was truly a pleasure for us to see them in action. In between events at the conference, we had interesting encounters with dedicated teachers and parents who were impressed by our students. Some photos from the event can be viewed here.