Winter Term Work on Display

Friday, 28. March 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

As the end of Winter Term approaches, classes are over and there’s a special exhibition in the Geheeb Haus Halle showcasing student work from the last three months. Jewelry made in silversmithing courses is on display alongside student paintings, sketches, and decoupaged furniture, as well as colorful posters from science classes covering natural water systems, glaciation, and more. Some of the artwork appears in the picture above. The exhibition will last until next Wednesday, when students leave the Ecole for spring break, and anyone interested in seeing it is welcome to come and take a look.

For those who aren’t able to make it to the campus, here’s something else for you to get a sense of what our students have been doing this term. Working together with Betsy Winston, one of the classes I led this term was a ninth- and tenth-grade course on the theme of climate change. After Betsy guided students through the science of climate change, I focused on the political and economic problems that have impeded a global response to it. In my part of the course, students were required to pick one of five locations around the world and write a long research essay on the ways in which climate change has affected its natural environment and its political situation. Using the links below, you can download three of these essays — on climate change in the Arctic, Australia, and Chad — to see, first-hand, the quality of the work our students produce.


Anika Nykanen - Climate Change in the Arctic.pdf Nico Jacobs - Climate Change in Australia.pdf Sunyan Dittmar - Climate Change in Chad.pdf