Ski Day #2: With the Beginners

Tuesday, 28. January 2014

by Daniel Davis Wood

Today was Ski Day at the Ecole d’Humanité — and, with fresh powder on the ground and bright sunshine overhead, the conditions were perfect for everyone to head up onto the Hasliberg to enjoy what the day had to offer. Some students signed into classes and activities led by skiing and snowboarding instructors, while others took to the piste independently to hone their existing abilities. As you can see from the visual materials here, I spent the morning hanging out with the beginners — often first-time skiers — on the practice piste at Bidmi.

Under the guidance of Maria, an experienced skier, new student Mira and returning student Benedict took a few hours to ride the cable to the top of the slope and practice new moves on the way down. Sometimes they worked on perfecting the "pizza slice" braking technique, and other times they improved their turns around orange cones and other markers on the obstacle course. And first-time skiers aren’t necessarily always students at the Ecole, as Mira and Benedict found out when they were joined by Paul, a returning teacher in the American Program who stepped into his bindings for the first time just a couple of weeks ago.

The picture above shows Maria (left, in red and yellow) working with Paul (right, in green and black) beside the moving cable. In the video to the right, you can see Benedict and Mira making their way down the slope at Bidmi to the start of the moving cable. I’ll be checking in with the beginners again, sometime towards the end of term, with an update on how far they have progressed by the time the snow starts to melt.