We proudly present ECOLE.sounds!

Friday, 20. August 2021

As the sweet sounds of summer are fading, we are turning our attention once again to the school day rhythm. The 2021-2022 academic year is certainly shaping up to be a harmonious one!

The Ecole d’Humanité is pleased to announce ECOLE.sounds! This exciting new project uses principles of progressive and thematic education to explore the topics of sound and music. ECOLE.sounds is a multidisciplinary, year-long venture dedicated to exploring music and sound from a multitude of vantage points and myriad academic fields.

ECOLE.sounds is a project founded and coordinated by Stefan Bregy and has won funding via the 2021 Tête-à-tête Competition for cultural promotion in the Canton of Bern, and was awarded in cooperation with the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation.

In we will explore sound an music across many relevant disciplines. We’ll also spend time learning about compositional theory and practice. Students will compose music, record their compositions, and produce and publish their finished pieces.

ECOLE.sounds will be a project presented in three parts: the composition, recording and production of a piece of music; an exploration of generative music composed using computer programs; and finally as a culmination of our students’ efforts, a musical performance using self-made instruments.

Beginning in Summer Term of the 2020-2021 school year, our students have been learning about the theory of sound, applying principles of classical physics to build instruments. Students learned to calculate the tonal properties and sound bodies of their self-made instruments, setting the foundation for further exploration of sound in the coming school year.

Next, we will be expanding the scope of musical studies to include generative music. Our learners will create art installations of sonic sculptures. Students will learn to use music production computer programs, developing and creating their own algorithms. From these algorithms will emerge digital pieces, sonic collages made at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds.

The end of the project will culminate in three musical artifacts: We are looking forward to dropping the first production from the Ecole Studios – a musical piece composed, recorded, and produced by students!

We will also be putting up a sonic art installation, an artistic piece exploring the intersections of music and visual arts.

Finally, we’ll be presenting a concert featuring music composed by students and performed on self-made instruments, created using the knowledge and understanding gleaned from studying the physics of sound!

We are looking forward to taking you along on this journey! Stay ‘tuned’ for more!