Becoming Who You Are at the Ecole and Beyond!

Friday, 21. May 2021

The journey towards becoming who you are is, of course, a lifelong one, continuing on after our students leave the Hasliberg. Vicki Kuether recently joined the Ecole as our dedicated college advisor. She brings with her rich experiences is education and college counseling, and has helped us expand our college advising program to include term-long courses in college prep in both the Swiss and US systems.

The Ecole’s College Advising Program

This year at the Ecole, we have expanded our College Advising program. Our objective is that every student graduating the Ecole leaves with a clear path forward, a plan for the next stage of their journey.

College advising is now available to all students who intend to go to university, both in the Swiss Program and in the English program.

Vicki begins her guidance with some big questions that go beyond the typical “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Vicki encourages her students to think more broadly, and ask questions like, “HOW do you want to be?” And, “What does success look like for you?” She encourages her students to begin long-term dreaming, to take stock of their strengths, interests, passions and dreams and make a plan for life after the Ecole.

Teaching Transitional Skills

As students progress through her program, Vicki provides support through the college application process. She helps her students gather all relevant documents, from transcripts to recommendation letters. Vicki offers guidance and tuition in how to write persuasive application essays. She also provides assistance with identifying opportunities for financial aid.

Beyond the big questions surrounding college application, Vicki helps her students take care of all the small but important practical details of preparing for college life - supporting them in selecting housing options, organizing transportation to college and other minutia, various and sundry.

Vicki’s objective is to teach her students the transitional skills required for a great start on the next stage of their journey. Students depart the Ecole with a great college acceptance in hand, and all practical details taken care of!