Real Talk - A Student Run Womxn’s Group

Friday, 14. May 2021

Real Talk is a Womxn’s group, a community organisation for all people who identify as female. It’s a safe space, an informal support network, a place where people can feel supported. Real Talk is entirely student run allowing for members to express themselves with a greater level of authenticity. They’re able to speak unfiltered, away from the risk of adult judgment.

Twice a month, this group comes together to share. They might begin by reading a poem and discussing relevant themes, or they may explore topical themes like, toxic masculinity, the pressure of perfection, or overly gendered societal expectations.

As Addi says, “It’s so important to have a female support system.” And this group is just that.

Here’s one of the truly magical things about the Ecole. Students are given space to dream, to grow and to create. These three young, dynamic leaders had a vision: a supportive community that fosters discussion and creates more links across social groups on Campus. So, they got to work, and built the community that they had envisioned!