Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Friday, 19. February 2021

Bringing New Layers to A Familiar Tale

The production, conceived by Melissa and Sophie, imagines the familiar tale of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set against the backdrop of our current cultural climate. The characters are imagined as being locked up - one might even say, ‘locked down.’ They are bathed in that surreal, distracted oppressiveness which comes from spending day after day isolated, such that reality becomes unreal and life feels eerie, unnatural, dreamlike.

It’s Much More Than Stage Play

The Shakespeare program has a long and rich history at the Ecole. For more than 40 years our students have brought a Shakespeare production to the stage as part of our co-curricular program. Theater plays a huge role in enriching the experiences of Ecolianers.

Theater enhances the social and emotional development of young people. Players must inhabit the mindset of a character, using empathy to imagine the experience of another. Equally, they must learn to react to the performances of their theater mates, reading emotion, anticipating, and responding accordingly.

And, then! All that hard work that our students put into their productions is not to be forgotten.

Staging a play in a three-month timeframe is a huge undertaking. Students must get comfortable opening up and being vulnerable on the stage. They must study and learn their lines, and in fact, learn to express themselves in a form of language likely very unfamiliar to them. Their vocabulary expands, reading skills become more nuanced. Our Shakespeare program is rigorous, and the students are pushed just a little past their ability. Through the program, they learn the satisfaction that comes from undertaking an ambitious project and carrying it through. They discover in themselves self-confidence, perseverance, dedication, and a huge amount of grit. For the theater lovers among us, the Shakespeare program is an important signpost in the journey towards becoming who they are.

This year’s production will be brought to stage in a different sort of way to previous years. We’ll be performing in front of an audience of 50 community members. Parents and other supporters will be treated to a live-stream of our performances.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be bringing our production to a computer near you on the 27th and 28th of March!