Bringing to life what we are learning in the classroom

Wednesday, 21. October 2020

On a crisp cool morning (we had just had a dusting of snow!) Ben’s Biology Class ventured out to our local stream to put into practice what they had been studying in class. Together, the class collected water samples, including all the delightful critters living there. Our students measured the PH level of the water, alongside nitrate and phosphorus levels. They also took measurements of the size of the stream, and the slope of the hill.

Then it was back to the Biology Lab with all the samples! The students examined and classified all the animals that they discovered, determining the species of all the specimens and the diversity of the life living in our local waterways. An interesting discovery – a really cool looking worm that we hadn’t expected to find!

All in all, we found that are local waters are in pretty good heath. There were lots of wonderful living creatures to be found meaning plenty of biodiversity. It’s amazing to find all this life here hidden in the cool alpine waters!

This was also a good opportunity for our students to bring to life what they are learning in the classroom. Discovering practical, real-life applications of all we’re learning in the classroom is a wonderful way to consolidate knowledge and inspire budding biologists!