Starting school at the Ecole

Wednesday, 09. September 2020

"And every beginning has its own magic,

Which protects us and helps us to live."

Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)

Oh yes truly, what a special beginning! After a day of arrival in the abundant cool rain on August 29, 2020, today the 10-day isolation phase is finally, finally over and everyone can meet again, get to know each other and enjoy the sunshine at the first school community on the square. With a beating heart, all the newcomers introduced themselves briefly and gave their name, age and home country. We are very happy to welcome over 50 new faces (students, helpers and new employees)!

In addition to the magic of the beginning, "the protecting" from the poem by Herrmann Hesse, who himself was also a boarding school student, is also very much in demand in this so special year: It is still late summer but the heights were already covered with snow for the first time and the cool season sent us a first foretaste.

We are all very much looking forward to the coming days and weeks, learning, experiencing and hiking together, getting to know and rediscovering each other, and we wish you and us a great Fall Term 2020.

Stay healthy!


Katja Braun