Have a look over the fence

Wednesday, 17. June 2020

In order to constantly improve ourselves, we invest in the further development of the Ecole. We welcome feedback of all kinds, whether from students, parents or teaching staff. As a member of the school association "Blick über den Zaun" (BüZ) we have the possibility to extend this feedback round with other schools from Germany and Switzerland.

Find out how this works with the informative video on the BüZ website.

BüZ briefly explained:

"Blick über den Zaun" is a network of reform pedagogically oriented schools, which has existed since 1989 to develop schools "from below". The aim of 'Looking Over the Fence' is to contribute to the direct exchange of experiences between schools through regular peer reviews, conferences and pedagogical workshops: to stimulate, encourage and support each other. The basis of the joint work is the mission statement and the standards, which are based on the basic convictions shown on the left.