Climate protection - acting now!

Monday, 03. June 2019

Climate change is a burning topic at the Ecole this term! Ben and Chris’ Sustainability course joined forces with Radhika’s course on Climate Change in the Alps to take part in the last “Klimastreik” in Zürich. They were joined by thousands of other students from Switzerland (and beyond) to voice their concern about climate change and to experience the power of this exciting (youth) movement. Read here some sweet excerpts of students' essays about their experience.

Iso: "Marching through the streets of Zurich was really fun. The signs that people made were beautiful, creative and funny. The mood of the march was full of hope and confidence. When all of us were marching I felt powerful and confident. The climate change topic really connected us all. I didn't know any of those people, but I felt close to them.

Eva: “As I was marching I had this feeling in my chest; it was like being on stage at the end of a play, and you bow down and everyone is clapping and you have this feeling of unity, excitement and happiness. And as I go on learning about this topic I will always remember this feeling of hope and excitement for a better future!"

Dominic: “We saw hundreds of people gathering at the square, holding different kinds of signs, and shouting their slogans repeatedly. That impressed me a lot. I didn’t feel awkward anymore, I felt I was a part of them, and that we were all doing our duty. So I joined them, and raised our signs and started to talk with people.

Oscar: “According to Zurich local media, there were more than three thousand people in this march... It was very energetic. When I heard so many people singing together, it made me really excited. I realized that sustainability is not just a subject for students to study in the classroom."

Watch here a short video made by our students! Photos here