Wednesday, 27. March 2019

The Water! class covered a lot of territory this term, looking at how water sources are identified and protected and how water is treated and distributed. Emily and her students looked at disparate water access around the world and the increasingly desperate situations in water-poor areas. From a field trip to the KWO hydropower plant to a talk from Guido, our experienced bio teacher, about local fishing practices, the class also explored water use in our region of Switzerland. Students learned about the summer 2018 drought on the Hasliberg and proposed strategies for local hospitality businesses to manage and market their water practices. At the end-of-term assembly, Water! students invited the Ecole community to think about how our water choices impact others, especially when we buy bottled water. In a blind taste test, volunteers chose Hasliberg tap water as the most delicious option, beating out both a budget brand and name brand. As Ecolianers were heading to the airport the next day, they were all encouraged to fill a reusable bottle with precious Hasli-wasser to stay hydrated during their travels!