Women’s March: her first protest, but not her last!

Thursday, 31. January 2019

The event in Zürich was organized on January 19th as an echo of the big march on Washington D.C. in January 2017 and in solidarity with many other women’s marches around the world. About thirty Ecole students and staff made the trip to Zürich to help "Light the Night". The event began with a number of rousing speeches in the Helvetiaplatz, followed by a march with an enthusiastic crowd some 5,000 strong. We walked together through Zürich, festooned with fairy lights, head-lamps, lanterns and other forms of light. Although it was cold, we were warmed by the festive atmosphere and the noble cause of protesting discrimination, abuse in all forms, and violations of human rights. It was exciting and empowering to be able to join our voices with so many others in support of women everywhere!

Lunabella, a fourteen-year-old American student proudly attended her first protest and this is what she had to say about it: "The Women’s March in Zürich was an inspiring and colorful event. It was incredible to see all the people and the energy people put into making signs, dressing creatively, and promoting women’s causes. It was quite an experience to march with not only the women (and men) of our school but also the women of Zürich and from all over Switzerland. You could feel from the energy of the crowd that people really want things to change. The march, being my first, made me understand why my cousin, Ali, is so passionate about activism and fighting for the things she believes in. This may have been my first protest, but it will certainly not be my last."

Echoing the Women’s March, the February 2019 edition of our Ecole Magazine, filled with "Women’s voices" and called "Ecolianerin" (German feminine name of the usual "Ecolianer") for the occasion, will be available soon here!