The Ecole d'Humanité wins a Solar Prize!

Wednesday, 17. October 2018

The Ecole d’Humanite’s Berent-Haus was awarded the PlusEnergieBau Diploma yesterday in Sursee! Since its opening in October 2017, this sustainable building housing the Ecole Learning Center and library has received high praise from students, teachers and guests. It now wins the Swiss Solar Prize, thanks to its progressive energy concept. Relying on strong thermal insulation, solar panels on the south side of the roof, a heat pump for hot water and heating as well as LED lights, the building meets and even exceeds its own energy needs by 15%!

The materials and the processes used for the construction of the new building are sustainable, for example the isolation of recycled glass and cellulose as well as the use of local products, promoting the cooperation with regional partners.

With this building and the diploma just awarded, the Ecole d'Humanité sends an important signal: Sustainability should be learned and lived - both in everyday life and at school.

Caption from left to right: Patrick Stalder, Speaker of the Honorific Speech for the 28th Swiss Solar Prize, Hans-Peter Thöni, Architect, Michael Schreier, Director of Residential Life at Ecole d'Humanité, Rona Liechti, Director of Communications at Ecole d'Humanité, Kaspar Flück, Energieimpuls GmbH Credits: Hervé Le Cunff

More pictures of the Berent-Haus