How clean is the Hasli-Water?

Wednesday, 06. June 2018

What can the diversity and abundance of organisms living in an ecosystem tell us about the environmental conditions present? Students from Tom and Ben’s 'Biology on the Hasliberg' inquiry course spent the beginning of the Spring term exploring the theme of Bio-Indicators - using the presence (or absence) of certain types of organisms to “indicate” something about the condition of the ecosystem.

In their case, the students investigated the quality of our local Haus am Bach stream through the lens of its aquatic macroinvertebrate community (water-dwelling insects, crayfish, worms, etc.). By collecting a series of kick-net samples along the stream and identifying the major taxa of organisms in the samples, they were able to make an assessment of the health of our local stream - and a very positive assessment at that!

It is LOADED with a healthy, diverse, pollution-sensitive community of organisms, indicating a very high quality of water!