The Ecole gave a lovely concert in Meiringen!

Thursday, 17. May 2018

This year we were again performing a concert in the Michaelskirche Meiringen during the Pentecost week-end. There were two singing ensembles consisting of students and staff members performing choral and instrumental works from the Renaissance, Classical, Romantic, and 20th century periods. The internationality of the school was illustrated by a large diversity of music, including a piece from Lebanon performed by Serene Kombargi, a student from Saudi Arabia. There is now a grand piano in the church, making it possible to present an even more rich bouquet of musical styles, which was highlighted by pianist Joshua Curtis, current Mitarbeiter and former student of the Ecole, who completed his education at Oberlin College and Conservatory. Caleb Curtis, who studies cello in London, was a special guest, treating the audience to a Chopin sonata performed with his brother. In addition, Katharina Hänggi complemented the program with a solo performance and supported the instrumental ensemble.

Poster drawing by the student Lola Goncharova