Girls and Women Meeting Together, a 35-year Tradition at the Ecole d'Humanité

Sunday, 28. January 2018

Girls took time to reflect on their goals for the year, naming what they want to hold close and they wanted to let go or push away. They discussed in small groups and then closed the evening with a 'plenum,' sharing closing thoughts with the whole group.

This time the theme was prepared by the “Mitarbeiterinnen” (female teachers). Other times, a small group of girls and Mitarbeiterinnen meet in the weeks prior to identify a theme and create a program for the evening. Last term for instance, the theme of respect emerged as a pressing issue that many could relate to. “Frauengruppe” is always about giving girls a space to share their feelings and experiences, but it also often includes skits, activities, or the writing of 'affirmation cards' for one another - short messages about each person's positive attributes.

At the end of the evening as the girls emerged from the cozy Ruth Cohn Center into the cold and starry January night, they walked home with warm feelings and looking forward to their next meeting.