At the Ecole d‘Humanité, students create their own schedule.

Friday, 19. January 2018

They attend three academic courses in the morning, and they choose their afternoon courses from a wide range of performance arts, handicrafts, and sports offerings. While academic classes for the winter term were already discussed at the end of the fall term, students still had to create their afternoon program when they returned to campus.

This term, winter sports make up a large part of the sports offering. Students can take ice hockey or ski touring, as well as one or two ski/snowboard classes per week. Of course, safety is always the first priority. The Ecole is the only school in Switzerland to obtain “Safety in Adventures” certification for its risk-management system for outdoor activities! Other sports offers include judo, self-defense, gymnastics, yoga, spin, and climbing, to name a few.

Beyond sports, students also have many opportunities in performance arts and handicrafts. For example, they can learn blacksmithing, wood instrument making, knitting or pottery. Whether they've danced before or want to try it for the first time, students can choose courses in modern, jazz, folk and swing dancing. Musicians can take individual lessons or join ensembles for voice or instruments. There's also meditating, cooking, among many others. Oh, and rehearsals for the annual Shakespeare performance are underway - stay tuned for details!

Many afternoon courses are led by our own Ecole teachers, highlighting their interests beyond academics. Local guest teachers also come to campus to offer courses in their area of expertise, and the Meiringen-Hasliberg Swiss Ski School supports our snow sports offerings. Students who have mastered a skill also have a chance to share their passion, teaching courses with guidance and support from an Ecole teacher.

While a core component of the Ecole philosophy is encouraging students pursue their passion, we also challenge them to try new things. Through the afternoon course program, students come to know themselves and their interests better, while building skills and fostering creativity.

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