At Music Evening, ...

Thursday, 14. December 2017

... Ecole students and local children performed a diverse and vibrant selection of pieces, running from classical masterworks to folk lullabies, musical theater and contemporary pop music. The students of voice teacher Gilles took on a prominent role, showcasing their wide-ranging capabilities in performances of Caccini's "Amarilla, mia bella", the opening number from "The Sound of Music", "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, and David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium", amongst other songs, some of which also performed by Roland's guitar students. The piano students of Amanda and Josh and the violin students of Catrina played works by composers such as Grieg, Kabalevsky, and Mozart, adding heft and drama to the program. Traditional melodies from New Zealand and Sweden, the latter performed on two accordions, recognized the Ecole's long-standing commitment to folk music and dance. We offer our gratitude to the teachers whose instruction nurtures the talent, creativity, and sensitivity of the performers. The richness of the sound in the Grosser Saal and diversity of musical selections made for a wonderful and fulfilling evening.

Photos here

Text: Josh Curtis, Emily Strahler, Franziska Bürki