The traditional Christmas play has beautifully ended our trimester.

Thursday, 14. December 2017

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Oberufer was a community near Pressburg (now Bratislava, Slovakia), made up of German-speaking farmers who settled there. Beginning in the 17th or perhaps even as early as the 16th century, the community put on a rustic and mysterious play every year called “The Oberufer Nativity Play”. A respected family kept this tradition alive for centuries, passing it on from generation to generation as a holy gift, for it was only put into writing in the 19th century. This droll and moving play, in which the main roles naturally belong to shepherds, is refreshing and exudes warmth through its simplicity and the old Austrian dialect in which it is performed. The musical interludes you will hear are not the songs which were originally performed, but rather international Christmas songs from the repertoire of the Ecole’s long-standing singing culture.

Text: Ernst Thöni
Translation: Josh Curtis


Christmas Play 2017 - Flyer.pdf Christmas Play 2017 - Program.pdf