Saturday was Parents Day!

Thursday, 16. November 2017

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The Ecole Singensemble opened Parents Day with a lively, jazzy version of a Bourrée from Mozart. They were followed by welcome speeches from the school directors, and then students rushed off to their first hour courses with parents in tow.

Saturday lunchtimes are usually pretty energetic at the Ecole, but this Saturday lunch was on another level. Ecolianers sat together with their invited guests -- parents, siblings, grandparents and other important people in their lives -- at much-larger-than-normal family tables in the Hasliberg Congresssaal. There was plenty of excited chatter as families shared what they had seen in classes during the morning and as students tried to explain the intricacies of Ecole table culture. Holding up an empty serving dish is second nature to Ecolianers, and guests looked on, intrigued and slightly confused.

After connecting with advisors, family heads, and teachers in the afternoon, visitors had a chance to exchange with Katja (School Director) and Michael (Director of Boarding Life) and to network with other visitors. They also got a very good taste of some other important parts of Ecole life. The final gathering in the Grossensaal showcased the “Mini Ecole Musical” intensive week course, as well as folk dancing and several beautiful music performances. As always, the day ended with community singing. The whole Ecole community and our visitors joined voices for several old favorites and for the Singgemeinde debut of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

We appreciated the chance to share Ecole culture with some of the important people in the lives of our students. Of course being part of such a diverse global community means that the distance was too great for many families to travel. Those who couldn't join us were sorely missed, but we hope to see you soon! Here's to distant loved ones!