Intensive Week at the Ecole d’Humanité - « Free time means free people »

Friday, 10. November 2017

At the Ecole, every fall we dedicate one week to one project. The students are free to pick which project they will take up, and then in groups of 2 to 8, the week is dedicated to this project alone.

The 22 projects on offer this past week ranged from building outdoor furniture, to food preservation, building a composting system, American flag-football, drawing still-life, advanced baking and café, film-making, cultural dialogue in metal work and much more. The weather on offer was the most beautiful possible – warm and bright sunshine, blue skies, and the spectacular colour of fall all around.

Intensive week is the week where we get to experience the focus, concentration, at times, frustration, and finally completion of something we were a part of from the very beginning. It is the time when students learn what it means to attend to the project together day after day, hour after hour, seeing it through the excitement, the hard work, the uncertainty, the choosing, the doing, the finishing. Intensive week offers students and staff the luxury of time together learning, hands-on, that creativity is a tender touch of inspiration worth a ton of effort.

Check out the photos to see such inspiration and exhilaration at work!Intensive week 2017Intensive week 2018