A Day to Learn About Drugs

Saturday, 19. October 2013

by Hallie Scarbrough, Grade 9 (American Program)

Yesterday was not a typical school day for Ecole students like me. With the help of two professional health counselors from the clinic at Contact Interlaken, we all spent a day away from our regular classes to learn about drugs and drug addiction.

We started off in the Grosser Saal, where we learned about drug addiction statistics amongst teenagers, then we split up into pre-arranged groups and went uphill to the Hasliberg Congress Saal where we took part in an obstacle course activity. We put on special glasses that impaired our vision, making it blurry and dark to simulate intoxication, then we tested our motor skills by doing activities like riding a scooter, walking in a straight line, and catching and throwing balls. It was very surreal and helped us to understand how difficult it is to do all those things without being able to see and think clearly.

After we completed the obstacle course, we watched a few short films that showed interviews with young people who have done drugs and who discuss how their drug use affected their lives. Following that, we had group conversations about what we learned from the films, why young people get involved with drugs, and how we can learn to deal with problems without feeling the need to take drugs. I felt that our conversation was very real, honest, and powerful, and overall I felt that the drug information day made us much more knowledgeable about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

In the photograph above, Harry wears the intoxication simulation glasses and tries to walk in a straight line.