The Ecole prepares us for life, together!

Friday, 08. September 2017

The new school year started a couple of days ago. Returning students are getting to know the new ones and the Ecole families are bonding more and more each day. In one of the first Family Meetings and in the Opening School Assembly, we talked about “living together”. What does “living together at the Ecole” mean to you? Here are a few thoughts we heard:

“It means sharing incredible moments with roommates or friends from the room next door.” (Lola, age 16) “It is a very rare opportunity to get to know people in a very intense way, we get close very quickly, we experience so many things together!” (Francesca, age 18) “When we experience so many things together day after day, we need to learn how to set boundaries. Here, I am getting to know myself better; for instance, I am learning to understand how I can recharge.” (Sophia, age 16)

Teachers also participated in the discussion: “Living together at the Ecole is intergenerational, bringing up our own children along with the students, and respecting everyone.” (Rodolphe) “It’s sharing common interests and meeting each other in different activities or fields. It’s also having a chance to exchange with people from different cultures and grow together.” (Dany)

Living together at the Ecole is all of this and even more; the Ecole prepares us for life, together.