Urban Gardening: Former students deliver fresh organic vegetable gardens in wooden boxes

Thursday, 22. June 2017

Our alumni Füsy (Jonas), Sascha and Ramy (Vikram) have developed a contemporary gardening project. If you have no space, no time, or no experience with gardening, you can still grow your own vegetables, thanks to their business “Gmüesgärtli.ch.” Your garden will be delivered in boxes and planted by the "gmüesgärtlern". This is an ideal project also for the many Ecolianers who will go on to live in urban areas.

Qualities that the three alumni took away from their time at the Ecole include self-confidence, team spirit, creativity, and a willingness to push their limits - attributes that they rely on daily in their work as independent entrepreneurs. This is what they told us recently at our “Andacht” (Sunday Evening Program), where they also explained their vision: “Supply salad to Mars, supply Switzerland with Gmüesgärtli and create new standards in the Internet of Things.” These are by no means utopian goals; they believe that while they may be strong individually, they are unbeatable together! In the end, our guests motivated the students to believe in their dreams and to put their best ideas into practice. Thanks a lot, Füsy, Sascha and Ramy for the inspiring visit and for the wonderful “Gmüesgärtli”!

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